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Just before the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo, Bethesda released a small prequel game to introduce the story of one of the characters from the main game.

The output of Ghostwire: Tokyo, it’s March 25th. As that date is fast approaching, Bethesda has an interesting surprise in store for us. Indeed, since March 1, players on PS4 and PS5 can download a game called Ghostwire: Tokyo – Prelude (or Preamble), which transports you a few months before the events of the long-awaited game.

As a reminder, in Ghostwire: Tokyo, you play as Akito, one of the last humans alive after an evil character wiped out the Tokyo population in a fraction of a second. The reasons for this phenomenon have yet to be discovered, as the city gradually fills with supernatural creatures that give you goosebumps. To get out of it, Akito will have to ally himself with KK, a character as mysterious as he is useful, who is at the heart of the preamble.

Better understand the character of KK

By playing this graphic novel, you will therefore be able to discover the story of KK, a supernatural detective who must face a new and most sinister investigation. It is about a disappearance, which will eventually lead to the strange events of Ghostwire Tokyo. It is therefore a completely optional game, but which should serve you to lay the foundations of the narration before March 25 and the release of the main game.

Game Director Kenji Kimura says, “ through this work depicting the events that preceded those of [Ghostwire: Tokyo], in a different genre and made by a different team, we invite you to take a fresh look at the world and the universe we have created. By understanding KK a little better through this title, the player will see KK’s dialogue in Ghostwire: Tokyo in a new light.. »

Already available on PlayStation

Unlike the latter, the preamble is available on PS4, and is therefore not a PS5 exclusive. It is already free to download for everyone. A release on PS4 for Ghostwire Tokyo may therefore be considered, knowing that the exclusivity cannot last for one year. From March 25, 2023, the game can be released on the PC and/or Xbox ecosystem following the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft.

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