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What limitations does it have?

The Apple Watch has certain limitations when it comes to being able to communicate by sending messages. The biggest handicap What it has is that it is conditional on the developers of certain applications correctly and comfortably implementing certain ways that allow users to use the Apple Watch to send messages in a more comfortable and intuitive way.

apple watch accessibility

The Apple Watch has become for many users an indispensable device as it acts as a “filter” to know if the message that just entered your iPhone really needs to be answered urgently or not. As we mentioned before, the Apple watch has certain obvious limitations when it comes to being able to communicate via writing with other people. We will tell you about them below.

  • Some of the most popular messaging apps on the iPhone aren’t yet on the Apple Watch. For example WhatsApp, which only allows you to reply to messages without being able to create a new one.
  • The absence of a keyboard To be able to write, given the size of the screen, at many times it makes it difficult for some users to reply or send a message through the Apple watch.
  • The size of the device is another of the handicaps that it has.

So you can send messages through your Apple Watch

Although the Apple Watch has certain limitations to be able to use it at the time send and receive messagesObviously this is possible, and on many occasions and for many users it is a real convenience to be able to exchange messages without using the iPhone.

Answer options Apple Watch

The Apple device offers up to 7 different options to reply to or send a message to another person. As we have commented previously, unfortunately in some applications that do not have their own app for the Apple Watch, you can only reply to the messages that they send you, this is the case of WhatsApp, however, in others, such as Telegram or Apple’s own Messages, yes. you can be the one to start a conversation at any time. Here we tell you what are the options you have when sending a message to another person.

  • Send a smart reply. The Apple Watch whenever you receive a message and want to reply to it, it provides you with a series of intelligent quick responses based on the message you have received. To access them, you just have to scroll to see a list of useful phrases that you can use. Even through the Apple Watch settings you can add your own phrases.

Smart Answers Apple Watch

  • Dictate text. This is one of the most common options, all you have to do is say what you want the Apple Watch to transcribe to text to send it later.
  • Create an audio clip. Obviously, in the same way that you collect your answer to transcribe it, you can also use it to send it directly in the form of an audio note, something that you can also do through the Walkie Talkie function of the Apple Watch.
  • Despite the absence of a keyboard on the Apple Watch, you can write your answer by hand. To do this, you just have to press the icon in which a hand appears writing and write your message letter by letter on the screen of your watch.

Answer by hand Apple Watch

  • To send a emoji.
  • To send a sticker by Memoji.
  • send one sticker.

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