Children under 18 years of age may travel to the United States without a vaccine against coronavirus; know all the details

The under 18 years they will not need to show that they are vaccinated against covid-19 to enter USA after November 8, when the new entry regulations into this country began to take effect, the Joe Biden government said on Monday.

The exemption takes into account regulatory differences on childhood immunizations and the availability of vaccines between countries, said a senior White House official during a conference call to clarify the modalities of reopening of borders for air travel.

The United States will reopen its borders to the foreign visitors with complete vaccination against covid-19 on November 8, more than 18 months after closing them to much of the world to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

But the borders will in fact be closed for many Latin Americans with less access to the vaccine in their countries and who until now traveled as tourists to the United States to get immunized.

However, the US health authorities will allow some “very limited” exceptions to this vaccination obligation, according to the same source.

In addition to children, certain participants in clinical trials of anticovid vaccines, people with medical contraindications to vaccination, travelers who travel for urgent or humanitarian reasons (with justification), and people who arrive, for reasons other than tourism, from countries where the vaccine is difficult to obtain, according to a document distributed by the Biden administration.

Unvaccinated children over two years of age must have a test (antigen or PCR) within three days of departure if traveling with vaccinated adults. The deadline is shortened to one day if they travel alone or with unvaccinated adults.

All travelers will have to take a Covid-19 test

Usually, any foreigner should be tested (antigen or PCR) within three days before departure if you are vaccinated, or the day before departure if you are not vaccinated.

The same testing requirements will apply to US citizens and permanent residents returning to the United States.

According to the White House, it will be up to the airlines to verify proof of vaccination before boarding.

All FDA and WHO approved vaccines are accepted

The United States informed that all vaccines approved by the FDA drug agency and the World Health Organization (WHO) will be accepted. At the moment, this includes vaccines for AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Modern, Pfizer / BioNTech, Sinopharm and Sinovac. Different combinations of vaccines will also be allowed for the first dose and boosters, the White House said.

This excludes travelers immunized with the Russian vaccine for now Sputnik V and China’s CanSino, with no green light yet from the FDA or the WHO, but they were applied in many Latin American countries, including Argentina and Mexico.

The United States will also require airlines to collect information from travelers that allows US health authorities to locate them after entering the country in case of infection or contact with an infected person.



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