Children’s argument ends with a shocking homicide

A 14-year-old boy was arrested and has already appeared in court when accused of murder a 12 year old girl old in the center of Liverpool after having discussed along with three other children last week. The homicide has caused a stir in the UK.

The girl, identified as Ava white, I had gone with a group of friends to see the turning on the Christmas lights in the British port when after arguing with other children, he ended up with “Catastrophic injuries” after being attacked with a knifeMerseyside police reported.

Ava was a popular student and described as shiny, according to his close circle and family.

According to police inquiries, Ava had been attacked together by three other children between the ages of 13 and 15, all of whom they were also arrested, but remain on conditional bail, only the 14-year-old boy, whose identity was not disclosed for legal reasons, since faced his first appearance.

The police report reported that upon reaching the scene of the attack, they found Ava lying on the ground and collapsing for knife wounds in Church Alley.

The minor was rushed to the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital after the paramedics arrived; However, despite the efforts of the doctors, Ava was unable to survive the wounds from her attack.

Ava’s crime shocks the city of Liverpool

Ngaire Waine, the deputy chief of the city police, assured that the crime was a sad event for the cityBut it was even sadder for Ava’s family. The authorities asked to continue supporting the family and respecting their privacy at a difficult time.

“It is vitally important as we continue with the research that no one post comments or names on social media that may have a potential impact on us obtaining justice for Ava’s family ”; the authorities requested.

Ava was attending Notre Dame Catholic College in Everton; Campus Principal Peter Duffy agreed that the youngest was “an incredibly popular girl with a fantastic group of friends.”

With information from The Mirror and BBC


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