China encourages the hunt for Covid-19 patients; they offer 15 thousand dollars to those who report them

China is one of the countries that was able to control the Covid-19 pandemic, even though it originated in this nation; however, its methods have been highly questioned in the rest of the world. Now, a new method has gone viral, as the government of the Chinese city of Heihe, on the border with Russia, pays people to report on those who could have Covid-19.

And it is that in the town of Heihe there were an outbreak of Covid-19: 240 infections registered on Sunday, which unleashed a “people’s war” among its residents, as there are those who have decided to demand radical measures so as not to have closures again, that is why the local Administration announced that it will offer a reward of 15,640 dollars to those who share important clues to the source of the outbreak.

“The general public is expected to actively cooperate in tracking the virus and provide related clues,” Heihe authorities said in a statement, noting that “waging a people’s war” is imperative to find the source of the virus. infection for not lose control over the pandemic.

What are the guidelines for this measure?

According to the government, Heihe residents have to report immediately if they are aware of any signs of human-to-human transmission; In addition, since October 1, it was only recommended that when shopping online, especially if it is frozen food, you have to disinfect the purchased items and the packaging immediately, but that is not all, because you have to refer to Center for Disease Control and Prevention municipal to guarantee that they are not contaminated.

For those who hide the disease there will be very severe punishments, but people who have committed minor infractions in this regard and explain their situation to the authoritiess will proactively avoid penalties.


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