China Offers 1 Billion Covid-19 Vaccines and Debt Cancellation in Support of Africa

Xi Jinping, President of China, pledged to offer 1 billion vaccines against Covid-19 for African countries, in addition, it will encourage Chinese companies to invest no less than 10 billion dollars in the continent in the next three years.

The supply of the doses of the biological will be as follows: 600 million will be a donation and 400 million under another scheme (which was not mentioned),such as the creation of vaccine production units“Said the Chinese president in his speech at the China-Africa Cooperation Forum.

He added that he would establish a yuan cross-border center to provide African financial institutions with a $ 10 billion credit line.

Statements are given in the context in which the spread of the new variant of the coronavirus, identified as omicron, is recorded, and that was identified in southern Africa. Moreover, the Chinese government has already delivered nearly 200 million doses of the drug to the mainland.

The conference aims to African countries seek to reactivate their economies after the pandemic and for this reason they seek to strengthen cooperation with China, the main commercial partner of the continent.

Vaccine donation

Ren Hongbin, Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce, the country has given more than 160 million coronavirus vaccines to Africa, it was mostly a donation.

We have to continue the solidarity fight against Covid-19. We must prioritize protecting our populations and closing the vaccination gap, “he said.

Of note is the fact that the drug developed by Sinovac is already being manufactured in Egypt and other projects are being developed in South Africa and Senegal.

They will also work on other projects in the health, technology and safety sector. On the other hand, announced the cancellation of the debt and the reallocation of $ 10 billion from the International Monetary Fund to African nations.

With information from Reuters and AFP.


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