China starts vaccination against Covid-19 in 3-year-old children

The fight against Covid-19 continues around the world and in China, where the city where the virus originated is located, announced that it will start the vaccination in children from 3 years onwards.

In the Asian country the 76 percent of the population have both doses of the vaccine against coronavirusIn addition to maintaining strict sanitary measures to prevent the spread of the virus, the AP agency points out.

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At least five provinces in China authorities have announced that it is required that children between 3 and 11 years old are vaccinated, because there is still a part of the population in different parts of the world who refuse to be inoculated despite the importance of it.

Cuba vaccinates children

Few countries have started vaccination against Covid-19 in children from the age of 12, because in others such as the United States and some of Europe They apply to minors from this age onwards.

Last september Cuba announced the start of vaccination for children from two years, although they indicated that the one developed on the island, which is the Sovereign 02 and Sovereign plus.

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“This week will also begin the vaccination of adult patients who suffered from the disease and the authorization of the regulatory authorities is expected to do the same with children,” reported Dr. MarĂ­a Elena Soto, director of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba .

Data of the Johns Hopkins University they point out that until this Monday, October 25 Cuba It adds up to 949,960 cases of Covid-19 and 8,191 people have died from the virus.


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China vaccination against Covid-19 children

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