China wants to move millions of PCs to Linux, and they’re in quite a hurry

China’s “technological independence” is not something new. The Asian giant has spent years investing in the manufacture of its own processors, graphics, memories, etc. Currently, they are very close to achieving it, with products that are close to competing with solutions from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. It seems that the next step is to stop using Windows, Microsoft’s operating system, and use Linux.

China wants its computers to use the Linux operating system

The Bloombeg medium highlights that Xi Jinpin, China’s top political leader, has launched a new reconversion plan. The public administration in all its branches will exchange computer equipment with foreign hardware for equipment manufactured in the country. Companies have been asked to do the same, although at the moment, it seems that they will not be forced to do so.

This process of change will not be long-term, but the idea is that it be something quick. There is a plan to change all the computer equipment of the administration in two years. A titanic task if we take into account that only central government agencies have about 50 million computers.

Those who will be affected by this movement are Dell and HP, while Lenovo and Huawei would be the most benefited. Microsoft and Adobe will also take a serious hit in favor of Kingsoft and Standard Software.

Everything seems to point to Windows being replaced by Linux-based distributions. The best location would be Deepin, a Chinese-developed version of Linux. Additionally, this HarmonyOS, the operating system developed by Huawei after the veto and the attacks suffered from the United States.

A set of changes that seeks to corner the United States. Both countries have been in an economic war for some time for being the world’s economic power. The US tariffs imposed on China have hurt them more than the Asian giant.

Who has the most to lose in this war?

The position of weakness at the moment is that of the United States, which is highly dependent on China. Currently, the vast majority of manufacturers of chips, substrates and other elements to make components are in China.

If the Asian giant stops buying from Americans, the wheel of the economy stops. This means giving money to the Chinese from the Americans and having it not return to their coffers. Something that would end up generating a major economic crisis and who knows what else.

It is this fear that is driving Europe to talk to Intel and other chipmakers. They want manufacturing plants to exist on European soil to avoid a major disaster. Positioning itself as an alternative to China will not be easy at all due to legislation and salaries, which are much higher in Europe.

Come on, China is doing its own thing and is clear about it, and the others, let them find a life. Who is in a position of weakness is the United States and Europe is expectant to see what it catches in this troubled river.

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