China will have a processor at the height of the Ryzen and Core in 2023

Incredible as it may seem, China won’t need much time to catch up with AMD and Intel in such a specific segment of the market as processors. The continuous blockades that the US and the EU have launched are only going to delay the inevitable a little longer, where the problem is that we could be facing a threat from the Asian country, or at least that is what they slide. The new Chinese CPU manufactured by Loongson, Godson 3A6000will almost equal its American rivals in IPC.

There is no time to lose, that is the premise that drives this sector and if we take into account how China is facing going behind its Western rivals, this expression is certainly not misguided. What will China have in the market in 2023 it is a direct challenge and to the jugular of Intel and AMD, a serious warning that could be the last.

Loongson Godson 3A6000, the CPU with an IPC to match

It will not be so much in pure global performance as in something as important as the IPC in a processor, but the truth is that therein lies the main problem of what Loongson presented to the world. Gaining core-based performance is relatively easy if you have a decent scalable architecture, doing it on IPC requires something much more complicated and that’s where Loongson excels.

The company compared its new Godson 3A6000 with a processor Zen 3 and with one Willow Covespecifically a Ryzen 5 5600G and a Core i7-1165G7 and showed the data against its two rivals with really surprising results.

What is shown reveals a very similar IPC performance, which is really impressive and they also announce that this processor has increased its performance in a single generation in Single Thread in nothing less than a +37% and a +68% on average in Multi Threadwhich logically worries AMD and Intel.

A unique microarchitecture, an upward curve in performance

Loongson’s architecture for this 3A6000 has been baptized as LA664 and is a fully custom ISA from the manufacturer. It has the peculiarity that it is not compatible with x86 or x64 and this makes it extremely difficult to overcome.

The objective is not to market this processor or the following as such, since it must be taken into account that the software must be compiled to be able to work with the ISA and therefore this CPU has a totally commercial objective. China’s domestic consumption.


What is intended is to generate a volume of processors high enough to supply the governmentthe army, servers Y work stations key in very specific sectors of the country’s infrastructure so that it does not depend on any type of foreign hardware.

Therefore, the software and its nix operating system they are built entirely from the ground up, a performance-driven infrastructure where everything is fully optimized without the need to buy or use external hardware or software. Finally, the company has issued a warning to navigators: its 3A6000 CPU will be available next year with a MCM architecture about interposing with 32 coresa system similar to that of AMD according to rumours, although it is not known under which node or with what consumption.

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