Chinese routers with WiFi 7 are fake

Lately there is a lot of news coming from China about the development of its own hardware. Among the latest products presented or announced, are a couple of routers who make use of itto Wi-Fi 7 technology. The funny thing is, WiFi 7 technology should start to be implemented in 2024, there are no compatible production processors, so, What do you sell?

In summary, WiFi 7 offers a higher transfer rate and greater coverage distances. But it is not the only improvement, a greater number of simultaneous users and an increase in reliability will be supported. It is expected to be a widespread reality by mid-2024.

Are China WiFi 7 routers real?

The truth is that China’s effort to launch its own hardware is interesting. They aim to stop depending on hardware and technology developed by American companies, such as Intel, NVIDIA or AMD. It could be that patented technologies are used, something that would prevent commercialization outside of China.

They have announced the router H3C Magic BE18000which would be the first to offer Wi-Fi 7 support. There is no official release date yet, but it could launch in 2023. But is it really possible that it will launch in the next year?

This router, as indicated, is will be based on a Qualcomm SoC, for which no further data is given. that we know, Qualcomm have 4 chips available for technology Wi-Fi 7. But, these processors are not yet in the production phase and they are for him professional segment. This means that some aspects of these chips are being polished.

Some information suggests that mass production could start in the first half of 2023. If the deadlines are met, for the second half of 2023 we could see the first products. But, these first products would be for the professional segment, not the domestic one.

The developed Qualcomm SoCs are intended for professional routers. we would not see business solutions until 2024. It is expected that this is when the first routers and also the first smartphones and laptops with WiFi 7 will arrive.

wifi router 7

Marketing, more than anything else

It is possible that they have developed commercial routers based on this new wireless connection standard. But, it seems quite complicated that they will be launched, as they have dropped, during the first half of 2023. At the moment Qualcomm has not presented its commercial chips for WiFi 7, only the professional models.

Surely in China, like many other companies, they already have access to the previous versions of chips for WiFi 7. This is quite normal, since a certain number of late-stage chips are usually produced so that they can start development. So they could have something ready or practically ready, but they could hardly be launched in 2023.

It also makes little sense to launch new generation routers if there are hardly any compatible devices. There are always those who want to have the latest technology, but it makes little sense to start by acquiring these products.

In addition, it is not that it has some features that may be interesting for most. It is intended for the playback of 4K and 8K content, as well as reducing latency in game. There is also talk of the fashionable topic, the metaverse, although this is of little relevance, since no one is interested.

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