Chinese students sue Apple for not including a charger with the iPhone

For a while now, Apple has been shipping its iPhones without chargers to help cut waste, reduce the amount of packaging used. However, the Cupertino company is now being sued in China before the Beijing Internet Court, alleging that it is considered a measure. primarily motivated by profit and not its claim to support more responsible consumption of the components, as well as a deceptive promotion.

According to one of the promoters of this lawsuit, what they seek to obtain It is not any type of millionaire compensation by Apple, but since the USB-C to Lightning cable that comes with the iPhone 12 is not compatible or effective with other chargers on the market to normally charge your phones as advertised on Apple’s website, require you to provide a wall charger (valued at less than 15 euros) also requesting the firm to take responsibility and cover the legal fees of the case.

And is that currently Apple online stores in various countries of the world, offer the option of adding different charging accessories when we make the purchase of one of their phones, highlighting first its new MagSafe wireless charging solutions and later including the adapter of USB-C power for the wall. An option that has disappeared from the Asian web, and that it has already been called a selfish and greedy measure that seeks to buy these less efficient and more expensive chargers, instead of a true reason based on caring for the environment.

If Apple really wanted to reduce waste even more, it could end up making the leap and change your existing USB-C to Lightning adapter cable to simply add a USB-C socket at its terminals, something that the European Union currently continues to focus its efforts on.

And it is that although the demand does not resemble other high-impact demands that Apple seems to be used to, little by little has managed to gain wide public support on Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo, gradually taking an international repercussion, some even speculating that it could lead to more regulatory scrutiny at a much higher level.

However, it is worth noting that this is not the first time that Apple has faced legal problems over this particular problem. Months ago we saw how Brazil fined the tech giant up to $ 2 million, forcing them to include a charger in their next phones.

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