Chip shortage also stalls printer ink cartridge production

The chip shortage is also affecting printer ink cartridge manufacturers. Deprived of semiconductors, Canon was forced to manufacture cartridges without authentication chips. Some of the cartridges that will be sold will therefore cause an error message.

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The generalization of teleworking, the successive lockdowns against Covid-19 and the trade war between China and the United States have resulted in a significant shortage of semiconductors in 2021. Paralyzed by health measures and the resurgence of the pandemic under In the form of many variants such as Omicron or Deltacron, production lines are unable to meet the high demand for computer chips.

Semiconductor deficiency affects all sectors, from consumer electronics (TV, smartphone, console, etc.) to electric or thermal cars, including fitted kitchens. In this complicated context, many manufacturers were forced to review their ambitions and change their plans. This is particularly the case of Samsung, which postponed certain smartphones for several months, including the Galaxy S21 FE.

Canon launches chip-less ink cartridges amid shortage

Apparently, manufacturers of printer ink cartridges are also affected by the shortage. In a press release published on its website, Canon, the leader in printers, claims that the global chip shortage is also affecting the production of “Cartridge for professional printers and multifunction devices (MFD)”.

According to the company, chips are inserted into ink cartridges to “To communicate information” to the printer, like ink level. Above all, this chip is responsible for authenticating that the cartridge is an official component which is well compatible with the printing machine.

Deprived of chips, Canon resolved to produce ink cartridges stripped of authentication chip. “To make sure our customers don’t miss a print, Canon innovated around the chip shortage to make sure we could always deliver the cartridges”, explains the company in its press release. These cartridges will be delivered to certain markets, including Australia, from February 2022.

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This change should not prevent Canon customers from printing documents. However, an error message may appear on the screen and the printer will no longer be able to predict when a cartridge will run out of fluid. To work around this problem, Canon recommends simply clicking “OK” at each error message regardless of printer assertions. “If a customer runs out of ink, he can contact Canon to request an urgent supply”, also assures the group.

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