Chris Hemsworth talked about two Tyler Rake 2 differences from the set

In a post from your Instagram profile, Chris Hemsworth spoke directly from the set of Extraction 2, which in Italy will come out as Tyler Rake 2, of the two main differences with the first chapter of the Netflix action.

What did the actor who lent his face and muscles to Thor, the god of thunder, say? Let’s see it together.

Chris Hemsworth talked about two Tyler Rake 2 differences from the set

On the first day of filming in Prague, from the set of Tyler Rake 2, actor Chris Hemsworth wanted to greet the fans by talking about two important differences that we will find in Tyler Rake 2, the long-awaited sequel to the action film released in 2020 on Netflix much appreciated for the interpretation of the Australian actor and written by Joe Russo.

Standing on the outside of a moving train, together with the director Sam Hargrave, Hemsworth pointed out that, as can be seen from the clothing and the whitewashed landscape around it, the setting of the new film is decidedly colder than the previous one. After the hot India, this time it will be the case to put on the padded bulletproof vest!

The other novelty, (and who would have thought!) As he pointed out in the text accompanying the short video, is that Tyler Rake is alive! How can this be possible? To find out, we can only wait until 2022, the year in which the second film dedicated to the mercenary who turns out to have a tender heart is scheduled to be released. But, on the other hand, by now we should know well that when the death of a character is suggested, without showing it with certainty, there is always a way to make him go back. Especially in the case of sequels to films that have been very successful!

Filming began on the last day of November, so we can assume that we will see the second film dedicated to Tyler Rake only in the last part of 2022 on the popular Netflix streaming service.

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