Christmas Deals: CORSAIR HS70 PRO Wireless SE Headphones

Santa Claus is approaching and the perfect gift is yet to come, but if we want to treat ourselves to Christmas or simply want to give a loved one, these CORSAIR HS70 PRO Wireless SE Surely they come to us like a glove, especially given their discount, since it reaches 27%.

The brand is selling off many of its products on certain dates to make way for a new generation of peripherals that will arrive sometime in 2022. For this reason it is the best time to buy, since we have to add to the sale price the offer of So typical Christmas these days at CORSAIR. And if you don’t believe us, you have to see its price.


The first thing to keep in mind is that we are facing the SE version, or Second Edition, which implies that the brand has revitalized these headphones without changing their specifications, but improving where the original version could not be up to the competition. .

This involves the use of new materials, such as the new adjustable memory foam ear cushions that are now more comfortable with hours of play. Of course keep both 50mm neodymium drivers, where we now have an improved positional fit for the battlefield and integrate 7.1 virtual surround sound where a multi-channel experience is faithfully recreated with depth.

Regarding its structure, we are talking about top quality aluminum, where it is adjustable and is designed to last many years of intensive play based on a new pad with better resistance to time.

Therefore, we are talking about CORSAIR HS70 PRO Wireless SE that improve the present where also does not lose an iota of what was already for consoles and logically for PC. It is necessary to clarify that the 7.1 surround sound It is only available on the computer and not on the console, something logical given its nature and connection.

Wireless and with removable microphone


As its name suggests, we are talking about wireless headphones that will allow us to get away in up to 12 meters Without losing coverage, there yes both on PC and on any console to which we are connected.

In order for them to offer a true gaming experience, not only everything else is needed, but they support long hours of play, and this point has also been slightly improved. They offer 16 hours of uninterrupted use in PC and PS4.

Finally, we have its microphone, which is unidirectional and at the same time completely removable, something that greatly improves both the aesthetics of the headset itself and its use. Said microphone has a certificate Discord, ensuring clear communication and clean sound. In addition, in the left atrium we can mute both the microphone and adjust the volume of these CORSAIR HS70 PRO Wireless SE.

Its price? It falls from 109.99 euros to 79.99 euros being the most outstanding TOP offer of the day for its discount of the 27%, but above all because of the type of product and range it represents.

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