Christmas is here on Apple TV + with these premieres

One more Friday, Apple TV + dresses up to receive new releases. They are not as many as those of previous weeks, but it shows that the platform is already facing the final stretch of the year and in fact today premieres its new Christmas comedy. We will tell you in this same post all the details so that you do not lose thread of what is new that arrives on the platform.

This is the new Fight before Christmas

With seeing this title, and despite having anticipated it already, we do not think it is necessary to tell you that this is a Christmas movie. It is now available on the platform and allows you to witness a funny story lived in a neighborhood turned upside down by a man’s obsession to elevate Christmas cheer to its maximum expression, something that not everyone will like. Legal obstacles, personal problems and neighborhood fights put this celebration in question.

These series premiere new chapters today

As is customary, new chapters of broadcast series are also premiered on Fridays. And the thing is, in case you still didn’t know, the platform’s strategy is to broadcast its fictions little by little. In this way we have today the penultimate chapter of Acapulco, more specifically the ninth. And we say penultimate because its second season is not confirmed.

For its part, Dickinson premieres episode 6 of his last season and is that this third installment will be the last in the series based on the famous writer Emily Dickinson. The Dr. Brain chapter 5 is also on the grid today, just like the Invasion episode 7, one of the great surprises of the platform as far as series is concerned.

The Swagger Chapter 6 is also available, continuing the story based on the youth of Kevin Durant. In the same way, the The Shrink Next Door episode 5 continues to explore the curious relationships of the so-called “celebrity psychiatrist.” Some interesting premieres that leave these series already closer to the end of their respective seasons.

And what comes in the next few weeks?

Although there are several series pending to confirm their dates for 2022 and there is also the possibility of seeing an unannounced premiere before the end of the year, the only dates officially confirmed by Apple are these:

  • December 4th
    • The Magic Continues with Mariah Carey (Christmas special)
  • December 17
    • The swan song (new movie)
  • January 14
    • Macbeth (new movie)
  • January 21st
    • Servant (3rd season of the series)
    • The Afterparty (New serie)

One More Thing on Apple TV +

If you are interested in the platform, you should know that every Friday we broadcast an episode of our daily podcast focused on Apple TV +. In the one issued today we have made an extensive review of the second season of The Morning Show, which ended last week. You can access this and other episodes in which we talk about Apple news on any podcast platform.

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