Chrome 104 brings more security and more screen sharing options

Google has announced the launch of Chrome 104a new version of its ubiquitous web browser, a direct clone of the Chromium code like no other of the open source project’s derivatives, but with exclusive components from the Internet giant.

This means, in effect, that these days Microsoft Edge 104 will also appear, but also the new versions of Brave and Opera, in the absence of Vivaldi, which goes a bit to its own as far as the release cycle is concerned, although each one of these uses its own version numbering.

In any case, we will have to see what the others bring, because in the case of Chrome 104, it is not much. Is about a relaxed release, very much from the times we are in, in which the most outstanding are the security patches that the browser receives… from Chromium, and the vast majority of them are integrated into Chromium.

A curious fact in this regard is that the development team’s own patches or the companies that work on it, read the developers of other browsers, are many specialized security programmers who closely monitor the browser’s code in search of problems. and each month they are paid accordingly.

For the release of Chrome 104, whose development took place throughout July, Google has paid for about 20 notices or security patches over $87,000, between 1,000 and 15,000 each. That is the data, although if you ask yourself, it is normal that the security reports and, therefore, the patches, are many more from one version to another.

And that’s it? It does not bring anything else Chrome 104? Actually yes.

New to Chrome 104 is the region capture supportthat is, a new functionality that allows you to delimit a fragment of the Chrome window in video captures for video conferences, or what is the same, to show only what you want, and not all the content of the tab that is being shared .

This, however, is a feature for websites that interact with Chrome, so it’s likely to be seen first on services like Googe Meet.

With this version, in addition, The rollout of Google Lens support in Chrome is completed, a function to search images that is not that it is to shoot rockets. If you are not convinced, here we tell you how to “fix it”.

Beyond that, Chrome 104 includes other types of news that are not seen, but are felt: better performance, optimizations, stability fixes, the integration of new technologies, such as the implementation of WebGL Canvas Color Management. So no, there’s nothing more exciting than usual in Chrome 104… but let’s not say the browser has stalled. Nothing is further from reality.

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