Chrome 94 will allow us to enjoy games much more

These days we carry out all kinds of tasks from our favorite internet browser. These refer both to work in professional environments, and in our leisure moments. As surely many of you already know, among these modes of use, games are included, something that is growing little by little. Therefore, the Chrome developers, Firefox o Edge work to improve our experience In this regard.

We tell you all this because the most used browser in the world at the moment, Chrome, is receiving important improvements for its next stable version. And it is that recently Google launched the first Chrome 94 Beta with important news for game lovers. This version brings with it a series of new web standards designed to improve games in the browser.

How Chrome 94 will improve your gaming experience

In particular here we will find the API WebCodecs which can make cloud gaming faster. In turn, experimental technology has been included WebGPU which should make it easier for the developers of these titles in the browser to use the computing power of the device.

Thus, WebCodecs is an API that provides developers with more comfortable access to the encoding and decoding codecs of the browser which are already included. Say that these are the ones that determine how to work with streaming video in real time. Chrome previously had methods for playing videos, but they are not as suitable for cloud games, mainly due to latency. At the same time WebCodecs technology is designed to solve this problem.

This allows you to avoid overloading and also allows you to display the incoming video stream on the screen as quickly as possible. All this largely thanks to hardware decoding. In theory this will also improve the performance of cloud games, something that will be especially evident on low-end computers.

What is WebGPU technology in the browser

As for WebGPU, we will tell you that this is a technology even more experimental than WebCodecs. Allows web developers to connect to the Graphical API native to a device and interact directly with the graphics card. Thus, what is achieved is avoiding the need for other layers that can slow down the process. It could be said that it is the new generation of WebGL, which in the future will make it easier for developers to create heavy games to run in the browser. For all this, all the hardware capabilities of the users themselves will be used.

It is worth mentioning that both technologies can be applied to more than just games. For example at the time Google noted that Zoom You are interested in using WebCodecs for video conferencing. At the same time WebGPU can be used to render 3D models in the browser, or to accelerate machine learning. Say that both technologies are developed by the consortium W3C and they are open standards. This allows developers of other browsers to test and implement them as well.

Once we know all this, it is expected that WebCodecs will be enabled by default in Chrome 94, although it will take some time for developers to implement the technology in their projects. Meanwhile WebGPU will remain an experimental feature until early 2022.

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