Chrome adds new memory and power saving modes


Google’s browser Chromeis still very popular among all users, even those who have a Mac. It is widely criticized for its dubious transparency on the subject of privacy, since using it Google obtains very valuable information about your daily traffic on the web.

And it is also criticized for using a large amount of the device’s resources to do something as simple as surfing the Internet. The proof is that from now on, you can use two new options in its settings: mode energy saving and mode memory saving.

From now on, the browser Google Chrome, both in its version for Windows, macOS and Linux, have two new browsing modes as an option to optimize the resources of the device. A new memory saving mode, and another for energy saving, very useful for laptops.

Said new ways they are already activated by default in the new version of Chrome, and can be disabled by entering the performance section within the browser settings.

Memory saver mode automatically frees up memory used for tabs currently in background. Such inactive pages remain inactive in their tabs, automatically reloading when brought to the foreground.

With this, Google ensures that your browser uses up to 30% less RAM. It also explains that the video and game tabs continue to work even if you have this memory saving mode activated.

Regarding the energy saving mode, with it activated Chrome saves the battery of the device by limit background activity and the visual effects. This includes some animations or some smooth scrolling. It also affects by forcing videos to be viewed at a lower frame rate.

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