Chrome beta 94 adds WebGPU API with support for Metal

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The new version that Google will launch of its Chrome browser will add, in addition to the general improvements in stability and security, support for the new WebGPU API that comes to replace WebGL and even Apple’s Metal API will be accessible.

Chrome 94 expected to add WebGPU API with support for Metal as well described by the company itself on its official blog this week. WebGPU is a new and much more advanced graphics API that will be of great use to the GPU, allowing users to get more out of renderings on web sites and applications.

Make tasks easier and streamline processes in Chrome

The main difference of WebGPU from other web graphics acceleration APIs is that the new API is based on the device’s native technologies, such as the one used by Apple called Metal, Microsoft’s Direct3D or the Vulkan open standard. Metal is an API introduced by Apple in 2014 that allows access to GPU hardware for building applications on iOS, macOS, and tvOS. In any case, what they want to implement with this improvement is to streamline the processes with Chrome.

The final release of Chrome 94 will enable WebCodecs, which is another API designed to improve encoding and decoding of videos in real time. The improvements are quite interesting for Chrome users on Mac, and the Cupertino firm already offers developers access to the WebGPU API in their Safari web browser through the latest version of Safari Technology Preview.

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