Chrome changes its Incognito window for this important reason

When we talk about the fact that many people do not know this incognito window well, we specifically mean that they do not know what its limitations really are. And that generally the browsers themselves offer us a series of information when opening a window of this type so that we are clear about it. We must bear in mind that some type of private mode is a feature that any browser implement now.

If we focus on Google Chrome, this mode is called Incognito Window and we can open it by simply clicking on the corresponding option in the main menu of the program.

Open incognito

Chrome redesigns the Incognito window

But as seen in some new updates, Google is updating the look of this useful feature. In some variants Canary For Chrome, Google has implemented a new design for this Incognito window. As some users have seen, this has appeared recently, we refer to the renewed Incognito window, although it is disabled by default.

Everything indicates that in the coming weeks this new Incognito window will replace the current one. This is something that will take place in the Android versions, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Mac of the world’s most popular browser. It is worth mentioning that this new version does not change the general appearance drastically. In reality, what changes is the legal notice that the browser has used for a long time.

new incognito

Instead of actually saying what kind of information Chrome won’t save and who can keep seeing your activity, Google now explains more clearly what Incognito mode does. Obviously at the same time in the new window you want to make clear what this Incognito mode does not do. At the same time, it is interesting that the option to block third-party cookies with this has also been eliminated. new design.

Reasons for the change coming to Chrome

It is quite likely that this design more explanatory and easier to understand is the response to a lawsuit earlier this year. The lawsuit occurred in the United States with an amount of at least 5,000 million dollars. The reason for this is because Incognito mode continues to allow websites, including Google’s, to collect personal information from users.

Hence from now on the giant of searches I want to make it much clearer to users what an Incognito window can and cannot do. Of course, this new information panel still does not directly say that Google follows collecting browsing data in this private mode, which is precisely one of the keys to the demand

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