Chrome deleted all the websites I had visited, but with this trick I got them back

Largely due to the enormous use that we currently make of web browsers, programs such as Google Chrome We use them for several years. It is true that we periodically receive updates to improve the functionality and security of the application, but at the same time we keep our own data during that period.

Among the many applications with these characteristics available today, there is no doubt that Google Chrome is at the forefront in terms of market penetration. With this, what we want to tell you is that millions of users have been using this particular application continuously for a long time. Therefore, to his credit, over the months and years, elements of the importance of our bookmarks or history of navigation.

These are very important elements that end up being a fundamental part of any web browser and that allow us to improve the user experience. In these lines we want to focus on the browsing history, where all those web pages that we have been visiting over time are stored. This can be of enormous help to us if at a certain moment we want to access a certain website that we were on weeks or months ago. However, it may be the case that due to our own or external error we suddenly lose all this history.

On certain occasions this can become a serious problem, so we are going to try to solve it somehow. In fact, we have some methods in order to be able to recover that history, although initially it does not appear in the Chrome browser itself. Next, we will see how to recover that lost Google browser history.

Recover Chrome History from Explorer

A good part of all the browsing that we do from this program is stored on our PC’s drive. This means that we only have to go to the location where these contents are stored to retrieve the history, even if it does not appear in the program itself. It is worth mentioning that for this we will have to open the Windows file explorer for example with the key combination Win + E.

chrome history

Next, we click on the View tab where we will have the possibility of activating the visualization of the hidden elements. Now we will have to go to the following disk location:

C:/Users/USUARIO/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default

Here we find the file called History that, for example, we can open with Windows Notepad.

Google helps you with the history

We must bear in mind that the browser we are talking about is one of the many programs or platforms that we use from the giant Google. We must also know that this firm stores a good part of the personal data that we use in its services for situations like this, among other things. Therefore, to recover the history that we have lost in the browser, we only have to access the section of our personal online activity that Google stores.

To do this, we only have to go to the following Internet address where we can also find the pages of the browsing history that we have made through Chrome.

Use the DNS cache

A somewhat more archaic method is to use the DNS cache where the websites that we have recently visited have been stored. To do this we just have to open a command prompt window through the command cmd with administrator permissions. Next, we will have to type the following command so that our most recent browsing history appears:

ipconfig /displaydns

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