Chrome-exclusive features that we don’t have in Chromium

Google Chrome right now and for years has been the undisputed leader in the internet browser sector. It has a market penetration of over 70%, but there are many other users who continue to opt for other similar options. Here we are going to talk about another browser that we should not confuse with this one, the one known as chrome.

At this point there are still some users who believe that Google Chrome and Chromium are the same product, but nothing is further from the truth. It is true that they share a good number of components, as is the case with other browsers based on the project with the same name, Chromium. But these are two completely independent browsers that also have some important differences, as we will see below.

In fact, we could say that Google’s browser, Chrome, makes some exclusive features available to us. And it is that we must bear in mind that this type of programs in particular are becoming more and more important in all types of devices. In addition to the two mentioned, there are many other proposals that meet the requirements of many users. Here we see ourselves highlighting some of the importance of MozillaFirefox either Microsoft Edge.

But as we mentioned before, here we are going to focus on the unique functions that Google Chrome offers us and that we do not have in Chromium. In this way we will have the possibility to choose the proposal that most interests us since both proposals cover the needs of the majority.

These functions that we see in Chrome do not exist in Chromium

Next, we will see some important features that distinguish both programs and that possibly make Chrome the most used browser in the world.

  • Chrome is a closed source browser: The first thing we need to know here is that unlike Chromium, Google Chrome is a web browser. closed source.
  • Exclusive multimedia codecs: when it comes to playing multimedia content over the Internet, this program has some of its own codecs that we don’t find in the other proposal.
  • Bug reports included: The search giant’s program allows users to directly report the bugs found. This helps improve the product in versions that will be released in the future.
  • telemetry: This Google product receives a lot of criticism for the user data collection which is carried out automatically. The signature justifies that this is done privately and serves to improve the browser in later versions.
  • Sandboxing: this operating mode is exclusive to Chrome and is a plus of security when visiting potentially dangerous or compromised websites. In Chromium this security function can be disabled, which is a serious risk in the sessions that we carry out on the Internet.
  • Automatic Updates: As with most of the applications that we have installed on our PC, updates are a key element here. Google Chrome updates itself every time the search giant pushes a new update to compatible devices. In contrast, Chromium receives these new versions less regularly and we also have to manually update ourselves.

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