Chrome is updated to consume less RAM and also energy

The software is less and less optimized, something that is seen above all in the video game segment. Without a doubt, the worst optimized software currently is the Google Chrome browser. This browser is a meme by consume a lot of RAMbut no longer, because Google has Fixed this issue in Chrome.

For years the most used browser was Internet Explorer, a very bad browser that was used for many memes. Google detected a pressing need and launched its browser, which has become the most used, with more than 70% share. What’s more, Microsoft Edge or Brave are based on the Google Chrome engine, to put it simply.

Google ends with one of the biggest flaws in its browser

Users, when assembling a computer, must consider different aspects when choosing components. The first, obviously, is the budget we have to buy a PC. Another aspect is the use, since, if we want it to play, we will need a good graphics. For many users, Google Chrome’s high RAM consumption was a factor to consider.

Now Chrome has been updated with a native mode of RAM saving and energy. The truth is that these mechanisms already existed in the browser, but they were turned off by default. These two saving mechanisms will become active by default.

This new RAM saving mode is more Focused on users who have 8 GB or less. These are the users who present the most performance and operation problems. For users with 16 GB of RAM or more, there should be no problems.

Chrome ram memory consumption

This mode has been called “Memory Saver” that helps improve performance managing memory. The operation is quite simple, freeing memory from inactive tabs. Inactive tabs are still visible, but they are “cleared” from RAM. When we return to them, they are automatically recharged.

You still don’t have this problem, since you have plenty of RAM and you don’t want the information in the tab to be “deleted”. Chrome allows you to disable Memory Saver from settings. In addition, it allows you to add certain web pages to a “Always keep these sites active” list.

Memory Knowing he is able to save up to 30% of RAM used by the browser. Excellent news for users with limited resources on their system.

It also adds power saving feature

It is not the only improvement of the latest update of this browser. A function is introduced to improve the user experience. Specifically, we are talking about an energy saving system focused on laptops. It seeks to reduce consumption, to extend autonomy. You shouldn’t expect huge energy savings, but every bit helps.

This power saving feature reduces background activity and visual effects and animations. Smooth scrolling and frame rates in videos are also reduced.

Very interesting functions all these, without a doubt. The energy saving option is great complemented by the reduction in RAM memory consumption. Note that consuming less RAM means energy savings in this component and also in the processor.

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