Chrome lets you secure your purchases with a virtual credit card number

To better protect your credit card, Google has devised a new parade. Its Chrome browser is enriched with the possibility of creating a “virtual” credit card number, the time to make a purchase on the Web. Enough to avoid having your real credit card number hacked.

Google Virtual Credit Card Number

On the occasion of Google I/O, the Mountain View giant unveils a brand new feature dedicated to the browser Chrome and in particular to the security of their data. Those who use the software will soon be able to use a virtual credit card number to make their payments online.

This new option will allow everyone to keep their “real” card number safe from the most indiscreet sites. This is great news for put an end to credit card number theft.

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Thanks to Chrome, you can pay for your purchases using a temporary credit card number

No more worries when you want to make a purchase on the Web. Chrome will soon offer you to use a virtual credit card number. This new feature will offer you an infallible system (at least we hope so) to avoid having your credit card hacked on the Web.

Chrome will take care of automatically enter all the information (card number, CVV) necessary for the transaction. So you don’t need to remember anything. In addition, although the credit card number can only be used once, you can use it to subscribe to a subscription.

Google Chrome Credit Card

For the launch of this new function, Google secured the assistance of Capital One, but also that of VISA and D’American Express. MasterCard will follow later in the year.

Initially, this new feature will be available on Chrome for Android and Windows. iPhone users can enjoy it later. Finally, as is customary at Google, we will have to wait a little longer before enjoying it in France, since Google is currently favoring the US market.

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