Chrome updates the criticized design of its search tab button

And it is that Google is currently testing a new appearance to the Chrome Search tab button, with a design that aims to better fit the appearance of the native Windows 10 administration controls. This may be due to the unsightly appearance of this button causes on many users.

Chrome changes the ugly Find tabs button

Currently, the Search for Google tabs icon is represented by an icon with a downward arrow and it is located in the upper right part of the browser, just to the left of the button to minimize the screen. If we click on it, a search engine for both open and recently closed tabs will open. We can also access it with the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + A”.

This button with a black background doesn’t exactly suit Chrome’s aesthetic at all. Google knows it and has begun work to solve it. For this reason, in the Chrome Canary version, Google has begun to implement a new button with a more refined style and that adapts better to the aesthetics of Windows 10. The new design remains to the left of the minimize button, but it turns out to be more sober and elegant. East fits perfectly with the rest of the buttons. In this way, it does seem like a characteristic of the browser and not like a complete with a black background that was not at all aesthetic. It even has a floating animation that is in tune with the rest of the buttons.

Now available in Chrome Canary

As we have commented, the new design of the Search tabs button is already there available in test phase in Chrome Canaray. In order to activate it, we must have this Canary version of the Google browser installed, if we do not have it, we can download it from here. Once executed we must access the page of flags. To do this, we must write the following in the navigation bar:


Activate new button for Search tabs in Chrome

Once inside we use the search engine at the top to write “Windows 10 Tab Search Caption Button”. This will make this function appear at the bottom, which by default is not activated. To do this, it will only be necessary to press the button on the right side and select “Enabled”. Once activated, we only have to click on the «Relaunch» button to restart the browser and for the changes to take effect.

New look for the Search Tabs button in Chrome

Once this is done, the browser will restart, letting us see the design of the new tab Finder icon. If all goes well, and the new design works as it should, the normal thing is that it becomes available in the stable version of the browser in a period of about 6 or 8 weeks.

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