Chrome will have an HTTPS-Only mode to improve security

Chrome will have HTTPS only mode

There is no doubt that Google Chrome It is today the browser most used by users. This also means that they are constantly looking for improvements to offer, especially in everything related to privacy and security and thus avoid attacks and expose data.

Now from the Google browser they are working on launching an HTTPS-Only mode. The objective is to protect user navigation by ensuring that all the connections are encrypted HTTPS and thus prevent the information from leaking.

For now, it should be noted that this new function is is in testing. It is available in the Chrome 93 Canary version that we can use in operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS and also in Android. It is, as we know, the version where the changes arrive first that will later be present in the stable version.

It is expected that this new mode will be available to everyone at the end of August, when the stable version of Chrome 93 is released. This change will therefore come after it has already been tested in the Canary version, something that is usual.

Test HTTPS-Only mode in Chrome Canary

Today we can try HTTPS-Only mode in the Canary version of the popular Google browser. This is an experimental function that we can easily activate and see how it works.

To do this we have to go to the address bar of the browser and put chrome: // flags / # https-only-mode-setting. Once there we have to select the HTTPS-Only option and change the Default value to Enabled.

Enable HTTPS-Only in Chrome

This option will allow always use secure connections and configure Chrome to automatically update to the encrypted version. In addition, if we enter a page that does not have this version, it will show us an alert message.

It should be noted that HTTPS sites they are very important to prevent cyber attacks. More and more websites are encrypted, so there should be no problems coming across this alert message that we have indicated.

It is very useful to prevent our information from being leaked if, for example, we surf through a public Wi-Fi. In that case, when entering a web page a possible attacker could steal our data. We would be entering sites without any encryption and we could run into what is known as a Man-in-the-Middle attack. This makes it essential to take care of security when browsing from public networks that we cannot fully trust. This is why it is important to use reliable Wi-Fi encryption.

In short, Chrome takes another step to improve security and will soon have the HTTPS-Only mode in its stable version. One more option that we will have available to avoid taking any risk.

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