Chrome will soon save you from fraudulent shopping sites

Version 102 of Chrome will provide a very useful feature for those who regularly shop on the Web, without really paying attention to whether they are on trusted sites or not.

Released last week, version 100 of Chrome was full of new features. The Google browser benefits, among other things, from new themes compatible with Material You and an improvement in the screen sharing function. But the development of the next editions is in full swing. And here it is not a question of the 101 version, but of the 102 version.

Currently available in beta (on Dev and Canary channels), this 102 edition of Chrome will deliver a feature that will avoid being trapped on fraudulent shopping sites, or sites that suffer repeated complaints from consumers. A very useful and native option, which can be activated via a simple tag. No need to install an extension, therefore.

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Chrome displays shopping site reviews right in the browser

Thus, when a user visits an e-merchant, a new window will appear under the address bar. The browser will ask the user if he wishes to consult the criticisms made of the site. By accepting this request, a window will appear and present written reviews that other users leave on Google.

By clicking on the padlock icon located next to the site’s URL (always from the address bar), you usually access various information concerning cookies, secure connection and site settings. Version 102 of Chrome includes a new function: the average score obtained by critics previously mentioned. What to make an opinion in the blink of an eye on the reliability of a merchant site.

Google Chrome User reviews shopping sites

According to Android Police, this feature is probably manageable through the setting chrome://flags/#page-info-store-info. Despite the activation of this parameter, we have not managed to have access to this new feature, either on the version for Android or for that of Windows… Most probably for a history of localization.

Anyway, this new function is currently only available within the Dev or Canary versions of Chrome. Otherwise, you can also wait for it to be integrated into the stable version of the browser: version 102 will be available on May 24, 2022.

Source: Android Police

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