ChromeOS 104 expands customization with light and dark modes, wallpapers from Google Photos and more

Chrome OS 104 is the new version of Google’s operating system for Chromebooks… and for those who want it, thanks to ChromeOS Flex. If this is your case, pay attention because interesting news is coming.

ChromeOS 104 comes on the heels of Chrome 104, and it is that this browser-based operating system and the services of the Internet giant follow the same version numbering, in addition to receiving all the changes implemented in the browser. So when it comes to Chrome, everything is said.

For ChromeOS, however, there are several new features exclusive to the system that users will undoubtedly like, because basically they provide improvements on different fronts and greater customization capabilities, perhaps the most outstanding point of this release.

Thus, ChromeOS 104 releases, finally, support for light and dark desktop modes. No, not exactly what was there. The novelty now is a polished combo to enjoy the desktop with a single click, or if you prefer, with none, delegating to the automation of the system.

Or what is the same, you can manually switch from light to dark theme whenever you want, or you can set it to switch automatically: by day, light theme, by night, dark theme. the difference with the previous mode is that it will take the accent color according to the predominant one in the wallpaper.

ChromeOS 104 debuts light and dark themes

Speaking of wallpapers, with ChromeOS 104 you can use your images from Google Photos as a desktop background or as a screensaver slideshowwith the possibility of selecting images that adapt to the new chiaroscuro dichotomy.

Of those advanced by Google, they are not all that are, but they are all that are, speaking now of the novelties of ChromeOS 104, including those of customization, but also others of a more practical nature and that will be deployed throughout for the next few weeks, so be patient.

For example, the renewed gallery application, which introduces viewing and editing functions for PDF files; the new calendar dropdown in the system tray clock, in the style of any self-respecting desktop and, of course, integrated with Google Calendar.

For later, the arrival of a new image and video editor is expected, an application to make screencast and another to take notes by writing by hand, among other novelties.

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