Chronicle of CYL-HUB in Soria: great desire to undertake

Last week we attended a new edition of the CYL-HUB program which, on this occasion, was held for two days in Soria. As happened on other occasions, the conferences were made through an ambitious agenda of round tables and presentations where the main objective was to connect all those who participate in the innovation chain in the region.

The activities started on Thursday at the Campus Dukes of Soria de la UVa with the CEO of Startup Olé, Emilio Corchado, accompanied by various representatives of the administration. They continued on Friday at the Gaya Nuño sociocultural center. It was attended by students, the self-employed, micro-enterprises, labor companies, cooperatives and startups, as well as investors, corporations, the media and public representatives, both from Soria and the rest of Spain.

In the event 70 first-rate speakers participated, such as Alberto Díaz Pico, Secretary General of Industry, Commerce and Employment of the Junta de Castilla y León; Emma Fernández, general director of Social Economy and Self-Employed of the Junta de Castilla y León; Alberto Santamaría, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Soria; José Luis Ruiz, Vice Chancellor of the Duques de Soria Campus of the University of Valladolid; Mª Ángeles Pérez, general director of the Science Park of the University of Valladolid; or the general director of SPAINCAP, Mr. José Zudaire; as well as representatives of corporations, such as FACSA, CINFA and RTVE; investors such as COREAngels Madrid, AEBAN and Keiretsu Forum and institutions such as Enisa, ICE Soria, ICEX and the Spanish Red Cross.

From MuyPymes we participate in two activities. On the one hand, we had the opportunity to interview live Rodrigo del Prado, one of the co-founders of the mobile company BQ. Rodrigo told us how he began to undertake business when he was still at university, selling company USBs, a business with which they managed to invoice up to 6 million euros. But the highlight came when he told us about his most successful project so far: the mobile company with which they sold more than a million devices in just one year.

On the other hand, we also had the opportunity to chat with other colleagues about the role of communication in the success of a startup or an entrepreneurial project. And it is that communicating is not as easy as it seems and many tips are necessary to understand how this market works and to be able to make our product well known.

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Other topics that were discussed during the first day of the event were the benefits and challenges that can arise when undertaking in Soria and the keys to overcome them; currently existing entrepreneurship programs promoted by collaborating institutions; equal opportunities in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the province; the social economy; investment in rural areas and the opportunities offered by innovation and business competitiveness to entrepreneurs.

The second day featured more round tables, dedicated to topics such as the current state and future of the Soria ecosystem; the verticals and technologies of the province; the state of the forestry sector of the province; innovation in the agri-food and wine field; The initiative ‘Castilla y León: First European Innovation Valley’; the public purchase of innovation and the new law of startups. In addition, the second day featured the pitch competition, in which Therminer emerged as the winner. Loop Diagnostics SL and EUROPEA.RED were second and third, respectively.

The connection, main objective of the event

The main objective of this event is that the self-employed, micro-enterprises and participating startups connect with different investors and corporations to get investment and clients and, of course, promote and boost talent, digitization, culture and equal opportunities, as well as impact the younger generations, support rural areas and the unemployed population to attract them and turn them into active players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, influencing the reduction of social gaps in the technological environment. In addition, startups will be able to present their ideas and projects in the pitch competition, at the startup fair, and in private meetings with investors.

CYL-HUB is the international hub for innovation and technological entrepreneurship in Castilla y León. It has a budget of more than 1.3 million euros, financed with the Next Generation funds of the European Union and channeled by the Junta de Castilla y León through the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment. CYL-HUB has so far held eight events in Valladolid, León, Palencia, Salamanca (the International Fair for Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation of the CYL-HUB project), Burgos, Segovia, Ávila and Zamora, which have brought together more than 1,500 attendees. , more than 470 speakers, 215 startups and 160 investors and corporations. In addition, CYL-HUB participated in November 2022 in the international Web Summit fair in Lisbon, considered the largest technological innovation event in Europe and brought the best startups from Castilla y León to the Portuguese capital at the stand it installed in the Lisbon fair. CYL-HUB also celebrated the fifth edition of Startup OLÉ LATAM ROADSHOW last March, with events in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. In addition, he will attend, together with the best startups from Castilla y León, between June 13 and 15 to the Digital Enterprise Show (DES), the world exhibition held in Malaga where more than 300 of the world’s leading technology companies will share their successes related to the digital transformation of companies .

The CYL-HUB project also Up to now, it has provided services to a total of 126 self-employed workers, micro-enterprises, labor companies and cooperatives in Castilla y Leónoffering you services such as your access to investors and clients, as well as the creation of contacts with possible sources of financing and new clients through the platform of networking. It also offers content and training on entrepreneurship and investors and on the start-up of cooperatives, startups and micro-enterprises at the national level, as well as content and training in relation to the creation of networks of young entrepreneurs and groups of local investors and on how to achieve a increased visibility in the media. All these contents are offered free of charge and online through the study plan found on the CYL-HUB website and are reinforced with the face-to-face modality during the events.

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