Chrono Cross: how to recruit the 45 characters

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When it was announced, the “Chrono Cross” remaster was surrounded by anticipation. That’s because it is one of the most acclaimed games of all time. Knowing this, Square Enix decided to gift fans with a version full of improvements. In addition to better graphics, some changes to the soundtrack were made.

Thinking about who wants to venture into the title, the TecMasters decided to create a complete guide that shows how to bring specific characters to your group, after all, Chrono Cross has no less than 45 playable characters, many of which require different tasks to be done to be recruited. Check out!

How to recruit the 45 characters of Chrono Cross


It is with this character that you start the game. So the party is started with him anyway.


The friendly creature can be recruited from the Ami Village restaurant. In a room above the room, look for an item called Heckran Bone, it is located under the bed. After that, give what you found to Poshul.


To recruit this thief, the player must head to Cape Howl and talk to her, refusing her proposal three times. Finally, just look for her in the city of Termina to finally recruit her.


Nikki is a rock star who can also be recruited from the city of Termina. First, talk to the man polishing the statue, then head to the Magical Dreamer ship.

There, talk to Miki and the man in the background. Finally, in Shadow Forest, save Nikki and he will join her party.


Leena joins her party after Kidd’s proposal is refused. The morning after the event, she will join the group.


After talking to the man polishing the statue in Termina, look for Pierre at the back of Zappa’s shops. Then she talks to the boy walking in circles and again to Pierre.


Recruiting Guile only requires you to talk to a man near a statue in Termina City and then talk to the character, who is at the town bar.


Luccia is a scientist who is located at Viper Manor and it is from there that she can be recruited. After battling Lynx on your first encounter, meet her at the top of the mansion. Next, her quest must be in her lab, that’s where she can be called up to the team.


To bring Janice to the team, simply defeat her monsters in SS Zelbess three times.


To recruit him, it is necessary to refuse to save Kidd, and when you return to Termina with Macha, listen to Glenn’s conversation while he is near the entrance to the city. Then go back to the boat and talk to him again.


The character can be found in Termina’s shrine and is responsible for studying the passage of souls to the world of the dead.

It is precisely in this sanctuary that he can join the player’s party. After exploring Viper Manor, go there and talk to him.


To bring Razzly into your team, agree to save Kidd when she’s in Guldove, and later on, when she gets to Hydra Marshes, save her from a monster attack.


Controlling Lynx, defeat him in Arni Village.


After rescuing Riddel, she will join the team.


Just visit his shop in Termina while you have Radius in your party.


In Guldove, choose not to save Kidd. Find Korcha in the residential towers and Macha will then lead your party back to Termina. Talk to Glenn at the entrance to town and head back to the boat dock. There, talk to Macha again.


Macha’s son joins the party if you choose to save Kidd while in Guldove.


Mocha’s second daughter can also be recruited. To do so, she pursues Mel after Kidd is recovered. After reaching her, talk to her several times and go to Fort Dragonia – this is after visiting Hydra Swamp with Korcha.


Kidd’s big enemy will become a permanent character in your party at a specific point in the game.


Harle acts as a sort of guide for Serge while he is stuck between two worlds. So, at some point, she will join the team.


With Sprigg, just swing the cherry tree to get him out of the house. Then he goes inside and sleeps for a night inside. Then he will join the group.


To recruit this flower to your team, you need to find the item “Life Sparkle” in “Hydra Marshes”. Once that’s done, use the item on the flower at the top of the Viper Manor mansion.


After rescuing her at Viper Manor, speak to Riddel in Hermit’s Hideaway.


After getting the item “Shark Tooth” in Arni Village from the fisherman. Then, go to “Another World” with Leena or Kidd in your team and show the item to the fisherman at the same location.


Viper is automatically integrated into your team when Riddel, her daughter, is rescued.


Find Norris in the prison in the ruins of Viper Manor in Home World. For him to join you, Radius must be in his team.


Upon rescuing Riddel, Karsh can be recruited from Termina’s bar. If you choose Zoah at this point in the game, Karsh will still be able to ally with you on the SS Zelbess ship.


Upon rescuing Riddel, Zoah can be recruited from Termina’s bar. If you choose Karsh at this point in the game, Zoah will still be able to ally with you on the SS Zelbess ship.


Fargo can be recruited when you board the SS Invincible after rescuing your team from Hermit’s Hideaway in “Another World”.


During Riddel’s rescue, defeat Orcha in the Viper Manor.


Upon gaining access to the Grand Slam, speak to Sneff in the locker room.


Once in Guldove, do not agree to save Kidd. With her recovered in the group, go back to town and talk to Doc.


In Termina in Home World, go through Zappa’s shop and talk to Van. Without handing over any items, he will join your party.


In Another World, in Fossil Valley, get the Big Egg item from the nest. In Fort Dragon, in Home World, place the Big Egg in the incubator.


Leah automatically joins your party as soon as you arrive at Gaea’s Navel in Home World.


After Nikki’s band’s concert on Marbule Island in Home World is over, kill all the monsters there and go to the SS Zelbess. Then, find Miki at the restaurant and talk to her to recruit her.


After being defeated in the Viper Manor mansion in Another World, Grobyc will help his group escape the place and will enjoy being part of the team.


In Another World, find Skelly’s bones in Fossil Valley, Guldove, Hydra Marshes, Isle of the Damned, Shadow Forest, and Water Dragon Isle. With all the pieces together, visit Skelly’s grandmother in Termina.


At Viper Manor in Another World, first release Pip in the lab. Then, talk to him on the SS Invincible ship to recruit him.


In Lynx, kill all the creatures on the big tree in Shadow Forest to receive a mushroom. Now enter this mushroom to a man who is in a cave behind the waterfall.


After obtaining the “Star Fragment”, you must go to Sky Dragon Isle in Home World and defeat Mega Starky.


With Lynx in the party, Orlha will give you the Sapphiire Brooch item after being defeated in Guldove in Another World. After Serge is reborn, she returns to the bar in Guldove and shows the obtained item to Orlha.


Use the item “Ice Breath” or “Ice Gun” on the floor of “Hermit’s Hideout” in Another World. Then, with Poshul in the party, go to Hermit’s Hideawau in Home World and use it to pull a “plant”, which is actually Turnip.


After defeating the six dragon gods, Steena can be recruited from Guldove’s shrine in Home World.


In Marbule, in Home World, talk to Toma and spend the night in the cabin. After hearing Irenes’ voice, go to the SS Zelbess ship, access the Grand Slam, and then go to Nikki’s ship.

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