Chuwi FreeBook, an inexpensive convertible

The Chuwi FreeBook is presented as a 13.5-inch convertible that adopts a fairly careful design, and that integrates a hinge capable of rotating up to a maximum of 360 degrees. This means that we can use it as a traditional laptop, but also like a tablet and like a digital notebook, thanks to this hinge and its touch screen.

In terms of design, the Chuwi FreeBook scores at a good level, although unfortunately we are not yet clear about what materials the Chinese company has chosen for its manufacture. Ideally, the chassis of this model should be made of aluminum, but it is possible that they have opted for plastic to reduce costs.

As we anticipated, the Chuwi FreeBook has a screen of 13.5 inches with touch interface. It has 2K resolution and uses a 3: 2 screen format, which makes it a panel that is ideal to work with. At the hardware level, we find a processor Intel Celeron N5100, a quad core chip that is manufactured in 10nm process, and has a total of four cores and four threads. It is a next-generation solution, but we must not forget that it is a low-cost and low-consumption chip, so its performance is modest, although sufficient for most basic office automation tasks.

To accompany that Celeron N5100, the Chuwi FreeBook mounts a total of 8 GB of RAM of type LPDDR4, and has a storage unit 256GB SSD that registers speeds clearly superior to those of any current SATA SSD. Based on tests by Chuwi, it reaches 1,318 MB / s in sequential read and 761 MB / s in sequential write. It is not the most powerful SSD in its class, but it will allow us to enjoy minimal access times and good performance in general.

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We do not yet have details on the official sale price, but we know that the Chuwi FreeBook will be launched this December, and that will maintain the economical product focus that we have always seen in all Chuwi products.

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