CIDETEC advances in its R&D processes with HPE Nimble Storage

Industry 4.0 is a key challenge for applied research organizations like CIDETEC. The company has been developing R&D projects with companies from different productive sectors since 1997, being a benchmark with three technological centers of international reference in energy storage, surface engineering and nanomedicine. However, its infrastructure needed a change that was addressed by the hand of Inycom and the intelligent storage solution HPE Nimble Storage.

As its managers explain, part of the IT team of this organization was out of date and for some of its components their maintenance period had expired. At the same time, new business development challenges were being considered and to be able to tackle them it was necessary to have the appropriate infrastructures.

For this reason, CIDETEC decides to undertake the renovation of the IT infrastructure with the help of Inycom. After studying the needs of the organization, the integrator with more than 40 years of history recommends them to renew their storage solution with HPE Nimble Storage.

When designing the solution, three are the criteria that weigh over the rest: scalability, fault tolerance and flexibility. For this, in the field of hardware, it is proposed to start up two HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers in the main CPD and in high availability mode, virtualized using VMware vSphere 6.7. Storage is the responsibility of an HPE Nimble HF20 array with a net capacity of 33 TB, and a maximum recommended capacity of 59.9 TB, assuming a 2: 1 deduplication and an occupancy of no more than 90%.

Safer CPD with greater availability

Both servers are connected to the current infrastructure through 10Gb connections through two HPE 5700 switches connected by 40Gb IRF. The main advantage of this configuration is that, as Guillermo Palacios indicates “in the event of a failure of one of the servers, access to the storage is not lost and, as it is a VMware high availability cluster, the machines that were turned on in the node that had failed, would be started automatically in the other node, without the need for intervention by the technical staff ”. The set is completed with the Veeam Backup backup solution.

After the launch of the new solution, CIDETEC has not been slow to notice improvements in all aspects. As stated by Salud Valor Merino, “after the installation of HPE Nimble and HPE ProLiant servers, we have experienced a substantial improvement in performance in all systems, so we do not have to use more resources to achieve the same objectives.”

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