Cinesa’s Netflix is ​​here: enter the cinema as many times as you want for a fixed monthly fee

Good news for lovers of the seventh art, especially for those fans of movie theaters who like to enjoy it on the big screen. Cinesa has announced its own subscription plan that will allow you to pay a monthly fee and, in exchange, enter every time you want in the movie you want. An interesting way to give moviegoers a new option to consume premieres and incidentally an alternative for a sector that continues to look for ways for people to go to the movies.

Cinesa Unlimited Card

The first cinematographic plan in Spain. No more no less. This is how this new Cinesa subscription system is announced with which it intends to give a boost to that audience that loves cinema but which is increasingly difficult to go to theaters frequently due to so many increases and high prices of life in general – and in the entries themselves, everything is said in passing.

If this is your case and you miss watching movies on the big screen more frequently, know that now you will have the perfect opportunity to do so through a fixed monthly payment. From €15.90you can go to any Cinesa in Spain, at the time you want and for the movie you want, as many times as you want, without having to pay anything else.

Cinema and popcorn.

It is a type of subscription that already exists in other countries and that finally lands in our country as an interesting way to save money for those who usually go to the movies a lot. The rates (There are two types, we will explain it to you a few lines below) They will also allow you to receive invitations for special passes and enjoy other exclusive advantages, such as a discount on the Classic menu.

What modalities are there

There are two types of plan where different prices:

  • “Standard” subscription: You pay only 15.90 euros per month and have access to all Cinesa rooms in Spain, including VIP seats. In case you want to see one in premium format (Luxe), it can be done for a small supplement.
  • Luxury subscription: For 18.90 euros per month, in addition to the entire standard Cinesa circuit, you can enjoy the Luxe rooms. Also throughout Spain.

If you prefer to pay annual, you can also: 149 euros per year for the standard and 189 euros for the Luxe, so that with this you would save even more money in each plan.

When will it be available?

netflix new sound

The new Unlimited Card can be purchased from the month of april both through Cinesa’s digital channels and through its kiosks or at the box office.

Therefore, there is one week left for you to join the plan that best suits you and start enjoying all the premieres at a flat rate.

Are you convinced by the idea of ​​a flat rate to see movies in the cinema?

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