Cisco and INCIBE will promote cybersecurity training for 15,000 people

Cisco and INCIBE (National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain) have signed a collaboration agreement which aims to give a boost to cybersecurity in Spain. The agreement has been signed by the INCIBE, Félix Barrio, its General Directorand by Cisco, Andrés Vilamitjana, its General Director in Spain. Among its objectives is to train 15,000 people in cybersecurity in two years.

With this agreement, both entities hope to collaborate in improving resilience in the face of cyberthreats lurking in various areas of society. To this end, they will facilitate measures and actions for the protection, training and awareness of companies, citizens and institutions. Within these entities, they will pay special attention to the entities in charge of providing essential services, as well as digital service providers.

This agreement also provides for the development of various joint actions in the event of cybersecurity incidents. Also the exchange of information between both entities. This exchange of knowledge and information will take place, among other things, on products, vulnerabilities and cyber risks.

Likewise, both entities will collaborate in the elaboration of specific training plans. These will be carried out in universities, professional training centers and other entities dedicated to teaching. In all cases, these training courses will have the objective of fostering and boosting cybersecurity talent.

These training initiatives will be carried out through the non-profit training initiative Cisco Networking Academy and the Cisco Digitaliza program. In addition, Cisco will offer its free training platform Skills for all to anyone who wishes to train. In it you will find a 160-hour cybersecurity training itinerary. Its syllabus covers everything from the basics of online security to preparing for job placement as a cybersecurity technician or junior cybersecurity analyst, among other jobs.

With all these initiatives, both entities hope to help cover several of the most in-demand cybersecurity professionals, since according to the analysis of their taxonomies, carried out as part of the “Analysis and diagnosis of cybersecurity talent in Spain”, prepared by the INCIBE, before 2024 it will be necessary to cover more than 83,000 jobs related to cybersecurity.

According to Félix Barrio, at INCIBE they have «committed to promoting an advanced digital society, in which we all use digital technologies regularly and safely and can benefit from their opportunities. And collaboration with leading cybersecurity companies, such as Cisco, is key to achieving this.«.

For his part, Andreu Vilamitjana assures that «The Internet is not just a tool to search for information, buy or be entertained; It is a fundamental element of critical infrastructures. Without security, services such as health, education or transport can be completely paralyzed. We are delighted to put our experience in network security at the service of INCIBE and Spanish companies and society”.

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