Cisco manages with AppDynamics to improve the results of companies

Many media are echoing this new Cisco release, AppDynamics. A cloud-based platform and that Cisco has improved so that companies can maximize their results and even improve their security. One of the most frequent reluctance when using the cloud is precisely this. The vulnerability to which some companies believe they are exposed.

Monitoring moves away from the traditional

Cisco believes that cloud-based platforms have very poor monitoring systems that are traditional and do not work as well as expected. This is why AppDynamics has been created to stop this from being the case. This platform moves away from traditional monitoring methods to cover the entire technological environment of a company that is in the cloud.

To achieve this, it is based on telemetry, a measurement system that acts remotely and that collects the data from the entire environment that is in the cloud on a large scale. This is very important, because Cisco considers that traditional monitoring had limits and could not cover so much. For this reason, AppDynamics has been created to turn the tables and adapt to the real needs of companies.

What data does AppDynamics collect?

The data that AppDynamics collects at all times is that related to crashes, usage tracking, metrics, application performance, etc. That all this is under control in a simple way and through a platform like AppDynamics makes it easier for companies to manage their spaces in the cloud. That’s why, the interface is also intuitive and very easy to use.

In addition to all this, AppDynamics can also integrate with OpenTelemetry standards and enables collaboration with DevOps teams with which some companies may work. DevOps, for example, is widely known in the development of commercial applications, so it could not be missing from this highly innovative platform that aspires to be a strong competitor against others.

Improve the user experience

Detecting an error on the web page or an intermittent failure when paying for a product in the online store is something that AppDynamics will allow you to solve in record time. Users demand effective digital services, that they hardly present errors and that if this happens they are solved as soon as possible. This also improves the brand image and increases the reliability of users.

Therefore, Cisco has also thought about this when developing AppDynamics. It is not possible to ignore the importance that the Internet has today and it is that, according to Statista, the number of Internet users has not stopped growing in recent years, reaching 4.9 billion people in 2021. Figures that will continue to increase, so AppDynamics is more than necessary.

Protection of applications with greater security

One last aspect of how AppDynamics manages to improve the results of companies is in relation to security. The gaps that sometimes occur and go unnoticed must be detected early enough to avoid a greater evil. Also, when we talk about the cloud, this must still be most important and AppDynamics allows you to make your investment profitable by protecting it.

This real-time threat detection and being able to automatically fix any virus or hacker issues that may threaten cloud security make AppDynamics a platform that many businesses look forward to. It is the solution they had been looking for for a long timewhich will allow them to scale and improve, as well as offering a guarantee to their users that they will have a good experience.

Perhaps the best thing about AppDynamics is that companies that are familiar with those traditional monitoring systems can continue to be used alongside AppDynamics. In this way, they will not have to replace one platform with another from the beginning, something that could make them think about not trying this type of tool. This is an advantage that not all platforms offer.

Improvements in systems that use the cloud is essential. Many companies use it and it is essential to offer them platforms like this that offer them something more than what they now had. Increased security, the ability to encompass the entire cloud environment on a large scale, and a useful alternative for greater control.

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