Citroën presents “AMI for All”, its license-free car for people with reduced mobility

On the occasion of the Autonomic Paris 2023 show, Citroën presented a new version of the AMI, its famous electric cart without a license. Called “Ami for All”, this model has been specially fitted out to offer a transport solution adapted to people with reduced mobility.

citroen ami for all
Credits: Citroën

Since the launch of the Citroën AMI in 2020, the chevron brand has made sure to offer its license-free cart in different versions. We were treated to the Citroën AMI Tonic, a stylish top-of-the-range model loaded with unique options. And recently, the French manufacturer announced the launch of a Buggy II version, intended above all for “adventurers” and users looking for a driving experience in line with the Méhari.

However, Citroën has now decided to open its electric offer without a license to people with reduced mobility and/or with disabilities. On the occasion of Autonomic Paris 2023, the company has just presented this Tuesday, June 6, 2023 “the AMI for All”.

citroen ami for all
Credits: Citroën

The AMI for All, the license-free cart designed for people with reduced mobility

This prototype was designed in collaboration with PIMAS, a company specializing in transformation of vehicles for people with reduced mobility (acronym for people with reduced mobility). The idea is simple: to offer a transport solution adapted to people who no longer have the use of a lower limb and more particularly those who use a wheelchair.

Thus, the AMI for All integrates technical developments such as:

  • increasing the opening angle of the driver’s door
  • transfer equipment from the wheelchair to the seat via boards and straps
  • the movement of the accelerator and brake controls to the level of the hands
  • a ball on the steering wheel to facilitate driving
  • adapting the interior space to accommodate a dismantled wheelchair
  • onboard transfer assistance
citroen ami for all
Credits: Citroën

Access on board and suitable storage

According to Citroën, it only takes a few minutes for a user in a wheelchair to get into the driver’s seat, in particular thanks to a strap attached to the upper part of the lower door frame. Once at the wheel, the user can choose to use the usual crankset of the 6 kW motor or opt for the mechanical lever to manually manage acceleration and braking.

To transport the wheelchair, Citroën has implemented two options. First of all, it can be placed in the passenger compartment. To do this, simply remove the wheels from the chair before storing them in the foot cellar using a special strap designed for this purpose. As for the wheelchair, it is held by an additional safety belt.

citroen ami for all
Credits: Citroën

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And if a passenger is on board, a dedicated space at the rear can accommodate the driver’s seat. A protective tarpaulin supplied with the vehicle makes it possible to cover the wheelchair once stowed.

The AMI for All responds perfectly to Ami’s philosophy of being a concrete response to access to mobility for all. Ami reintroduces ease in micro-movements and gives more independence to teenagers, elderly characters, those who do not have a permit. We are happy to present this technical solution to extend this freedom of movement to people with reduced mobility and we are working to make this project feasible in the short term”, promises Thierry Koskas, CEO of Citröen.

citroen ami for all
Credits: Citroën

specify that this prototype retains the same technical characteristics than the original model, namely a 6 kW electric motor delivering a maximum speed of 45 km/h and a range of 75 km. Anyway, we hope that the Citroën AMI for All will go beyond the prototype stage in order to be offered for sale. However, there is a good chance, since the PMR adaptation used on the AMI for All is standardized. In other words, it can be installed on all AMI versions.

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