‘City of Brass’ and ‘Total War: WARHAMMER’, free on the Epic Games Store

Like every week, the Epic Games Store has renewed the free games it usually offers and, like every week, we are here to remind you, lest you miss one of the few attractions of the Epic Games game store.

This week, in addition, they are not giving away one game, but two, so the offer is even more tempting. Have you already signed in to the Epic Store Games? While you’re at it, we tell you more about the two titles that you can get forever with just a couple of clicks.

First of all we have City of Brass, a first person action ‘roguelike’ full of black magic and non-stop combat in a fantastic world. It came out in 2018 for consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One) and Windows and now you have it at your fingertips… and never better said. Take a look at the official trailer.


Secondly, the Epic Games Store delights its users with a real-time strategy classic, also with a fantastic setting, such as Total War: WARHAMMER, the title that appeared in 2016 with the aim of refreshing the veteran franchise on Linux, Mac and of course Windows, although this promotion only includes the version for the latter. There goes the trailer.


Remember that the Epic Games Store renews its free games every week, so you have until next Thursday to get hold of City of Brass and Total War: WARHAMMER or you will have missed the opportunity. Here are the links to the pages of each game for you to award them, which is a second:

On the other hand, Epic Games Store is not very secretive either with the free games it releases and has already announced which ones will be next week: Rogue Legacy and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. In case you want to be careful. Otherwise, we’ll notify you again in plenty of time so you don’t miss out, so don’t worry.

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