Civislend updates its corporate image to promote real estate crowdlending

Civislend has decided renew your corporate image and implement major changes to your template. The crowdfunding platformspecialized in real estate crowdlending, has completely updated its look and feel.

The new isologo is accompanied by an isotype, in addition to a new corporate website in which usability prevails when connecting developers and investors. For Íñigo Torroba, CEO of Civislend, the main reason for this step forward has been “wanting to provide the platform with a modern image, appropriate to our business model and the users we want to target”. Regarding the organizational structure, “We have a young team with great enthusiasm and extensive experience in real estate”, says Torroba, who has picked up the baton from the direction of the platform. Along with him, other recent appointments that become part of his organizational chart are Álvaro Sánchez-Fabrés as Real Estate Associate Director; Pedro Ruano as CCO; Juan Carlos Silva as Head of Investor Relations; and Agustín Vara de Rey as CMO.

A team with extensive experience

Civislend’s new management team is prepared to face the challenges that the platform will have to face thanks to a solid track record in real estate. “Many of them come from the competition supported by top-level partners in the Spanish financial and real estate market”reveals Torroba.

The new additions reinforce the platform’s commitment to incorporating talent into its ranks capable of materializing its objectives. “We are convinced that the ‘know how’ of the people who start their journey at Civislend is a guarantee of success”says Torroba.

New logo, new sensations

For this new stage, Civislend has opted for blue colors, related to values ​​such as “trust, honesty, security and transparency”, and a new logo. “The main reason is to renew and adapt to the new times where we are used to more vivid colors with the idea of ​​offering closeness and modernity,” Torroba details.

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The change is absolute and the strategy goes through establishing itself as the reference company in crowdlending in Spainas well as in “one of the main players in the real estate financing sector in our country”reveals Torroba.

The new website has been worked on taking into account the needs of the current user, who requires more simplicity and usability: “We have put ourselves in the shoes of our investors and we have realized that for them it is essential that the information on the projects is clear and concise”.

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