Clic-Light, a bright and ingenious solution to be seen on the road

Clic-Light could well become the essential accessory for urban mobility. This luminous solution attaches to the back of the user, who can thus signal his presence and his movements.

Developed by the French start-up Road Light, the Clic-Light presented during the CES is a light module that attaches to the back using a harness. Users of motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, scooters, Segways and why not monowheels will thus be able to clearly signal their presence on the road. But that’s not all.

Suitable for both bicycle and motorcycle

From the remote control, the user can activate or deactivate the turn signals, position lights, fog light and hazard light. The remote control attaches to the handlebars of the vehicle, or simply in the palm of the hand for single-wheel enthusiasts. LED indicators on the remote control provide feedback on the fire in use.

For motorbike or scooter riders, it’s even simpler, since the Clic-Light connects to the rear signaling system of the two-wheeler using the 8-wire cable. The position light comes on automatically as soon as the vehicle’s ignition key is turned, and the signaling commands are automatically synchronized with the module.

Visibility is ensured over a distance of at least 400 meters. A function of adaptation of the light makes it possible to vary the power of the LEDs according to the ambient luminosity. Practical, especially in winter when the day falls quickly. The module is also rain resistant. Equipped with two rechargeable batteries (USB-C), the entire device offers an autonomy of approximately 10 days.

The price of the Clic-Light, supplied with a harness, the remote control and its fixing support, is 129 €.

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