Clippy, Solitaire and Paint want to star in your Teams meetings

The use of funds in our online meetings is quite common. With them we make it easy to blur the entire background of the room where we are. In this way, and depending on the background we choose, we can give a more professional image or also more carefree and fun. The latter is what Microsoft developers must have thought with the arrival of three new funds for Teams.

Clippy comes to our meetings

On the occasion of the #ThrowbackThursday celebration, Microsoft has been commissioned to reveal a series of funds for Microsoft Themes that will touch the sensitive vein of the most nostalgic, with three elements much loved by users with which to recall the past of Windows. In this way we will meet Clippy in one of the backgrounds, the famous original Office assistant, who is in charge of showing the animated clip with its yellow paper.

Clippy is a highly remembered item for both good and bad. It was annoying at times and usually showed up at the most inopportune times. However, other users loved them and are looking forward to their return. However, make no mistake about it, Clippy does not come to be part of Microsoft 365 again, but as a background to improve our experiences in meetings by Teams.

Solitaire and Paint also arrive as new backgrounds

Along with Clippy, Microsoft has also announced that of two more funds. One the classic Solitaire who recently turned 31 years old. Who used Windows 3.0 and never played solitaire games? Undoubtedly one of the games that are most missed and that can now be present again as a background for our meetings by Teams. Surely many of us will remember his animation every time we achieved that victory. Well, it was that image that the Microsoft guys have been inspired by to recreate the background.

The Lonely Fund

Finally, this classic trio of nostalgic backgrounds could not miss the presence of Paint, which was part of the first version of Windows that saw the light back in 1985 and which, 36 years later, is still part of the Microsoft operating system to the delight of many users. Along with these three endearing backgrounds, the default desktop background of Windows Xp.

Paint Background

Download these and other backgrounds for Microsoft Teams

If we have been captivated by the presence of these new classic backgrounds, with Clippy, Solitaire and Paint, now we can download them from the Microsoft website. Undoubtedly, the arrival as backgrounds of these three key elements of the history of Windows, together with the background, together with the classic Windows XP wallpaper, will make more than one drop a tear when remembering them. In addition, together with them we can find and choose from a wide variety of options in the form of funds to make our video calls by Teams a little more attractive.

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