Clone Apple Watch Series 7, purchase from Primephonic and much more. Best of the week on I’m from Mac

Decisive week regarding several of the rumors about the new Apple products for this month of September and is that although it may seem fast, we are already in the month of the great presentations of the Cupertino company, the month of September starts the same or better than August ended, with a lot of rumors and news about what they can present in the iPhone keynote.

Now we are going to focus our gaze on the previous weeks and we are going to try to put a day for the presentation, in this case Everything points to next Tuesday, September 14 as the date indicated for the presentation event of the Apple Watch series seven with a renewed design and the new iPhone 13.

Apple Watch Chinese Clone

In China they have not taken too long and they already have a clone of the supposed new model of Apple Watch Series 7 for sale. This logically can have a less careful general design than the one possibly launched by Apple finally, but to get an idea it may be quite good.

The following news refers to the beta versions of macOS Monterey and is that in this case we reached the sixth. Definitely It is possible that this time it will be the one with the most beta versions of the different OS we have, but we always say that it is better to test these well so that when they are released they arrive with the minimum possible failure, we will see when the final versions arrive …

Apple Music is sued for unfair competition

A new purchase related to the services reached the media this last week of August 2021, in this case it was the classical music streaming service Primephonic. Apple acquired this music service to nurture your extensive Apple Music catalog a bit more.

To finish we want to share with you the news about the new documentary that can be seen from now on the streaming video service Apple TV +. In this case, it is the attack that occurred in the United States on 9/11 and it really shows what this meant in the White House at that time.

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