Clone Your iPhone Screen to Fire TV Stick With These Programs

On the other hand, the Amazon FireTV Stickbetter known simply as fire stickis a device streaming Manufactured and sold by Amazon.

Similar to a USB key, but with an HDMI connection that goes directly to an input on your television, it is a device similar to those chrome cast of Google. With it you will have a player of streaming that hosts many functions and is capable of turning almost any TV into a smart one.

Thus, you will be able to see platforms of streaming, such as Netflix or Prime Video, in addition to installing all kinds of applications that you can see on the big screen, such as some games. And of course, you will have Alexa on your TV.

Problems mirroring iPhone screen to Fire TV Stick

If you have both devices, you can cast your iPhone screen to your TV through the fire tv stick and contemplate it in large format. In this way, you can see the photos of the phone, show a video or the application that you run.

That would even allow you to play an iPhone game in style on your TV screen. However, we have already warned you that there is always a delay in the wireless broadcast no matter what they say. That means that any game that relies on precise movements will not work for you. You will enjoy a card or board game perfectly, but with any Arcadian you will not have a good experience for that little lag.

Well, the problem comes when you realize that iPhone and Fire TV Stick are not directly compatible.

If you want to clone phone screen to TV with this stickyou will have to resort to third-party applications that make bridge Between both.

Of all the possible options, there are two that can work decent. We explain them step by step.

AirScreen: The Preferred Choice

The AirScreen app

The option most likely to work in an acceptable way is to use the AirScreen application, which you will need to install on your Amazon FireTV Stick.

AirScreen is a wireless receiving application that supports various protocols, such as Miracast, DLNA and AirPlay, which is the one we are interested in. In this way, the fire tv stick you can finally receive the screen of iOS devices.

The application is free and you can install it from its Amazon page or from the fire tv stick.

For the latter:

  1. Go to your television with fire tv stick.
  2. On the main screen of FireTV, go to the Search option which is on the top left.
  3. enter the word Airscreen. You’ll see it appear as a search result below, so select it and you’ll be taken to the app screen.
  4. you will see the button orange to get itclick on it and install the application like any other of your fire tv stick.
  5. run it on your TV. The first time you will get the typical pop-up explanation in English of the appskeep scrolling until the button «Start Now» and tap on it.
  6. You will get a start menu, look for the gear icon and click on it to access the settings.
  7. In the “General” section you will see the various wireless reception protocols, make sure the one that says AirPlay is marked as active.
  8. Go back to the principal screen, navigate to “Start” and click on the icon.

Once that’s done, your Amazon fire tv stick it will finally be ready to receive the screen of your iPhone.

Cloning her on TV is very easy now. Swipe from the top of your iPhone screen to bring up the option icons and make a long press on “Screen mirroring”.

Select the device with AirScreen and now you should see your iPhone screen on your TV with fire tv stick.

Screen Mirroring for Fire TV: The Alternative Option

The Screen Mirroring app

We don’t recommend this option, but if the above fails for whatever reason, you can still clone your iPhone screen to your fire stick using the app Screen Mirroring for Fire TV.

In this case, is a apps what do you install on the iPhone instead of in the fire tv stick and it has several drawbacks:

  • It is paid.
  • does not support streaming sound, so if you’re showing a video, you’ll have to use Bluetooth speakers or the like.
  • Some applications do not allow streaming wireless and you will see a black screen. That will happen to you, for example, with Disney Plus and the like, although, in this specific case, it is nonsense to clone them from the iPhone in a FireTV when you can see them directly from the stick.

However, you can install it on the phone, run it and try to send the screen from there to the FireTVbut we already tell you that the previous option is much better.

As you can see, the typical lack of compatibility between competing manufacturers makes things a bit complicated again. However, with these two solutions you will be able to clone the screen of your iPhone (or iPad) in a fire tv stick and enjoy it in giant size.

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