Clos, or how to take photos with someone else’s phone without leaving home

Remote photo sessions with Clos

When a photographer is hired for an important session it is not usually done because the best photographic equipment, although sometimes it could be like that; Nor is it due to proximity, since if there is a budget, the trip is paid, period. The reason is always talent, the affinity that one can have with him and that confidence that he will be the person who will best capture and transmit what is sought.

That was the case with the latest cover of the British version of the popular Vogue magazine. This hired the photographer Greg williams to take care of Photograph actress Zendaya. This was going to be the cover, something quite deserved seeing how well her acting career is going. And it is that not only does he appear in the highly anticipated third installment of Spider-Man starring Tom Holland, he also does it in Dune with Timothée Chalamet.

However, on this occasion neither Williams nor Zendaya traveled to carry out the photoshoot. I mean, they didn’t see each other in person and still the cover was made. How? Well, thanks to the use of a application called Clos that allowed the photographer hired by Vogue to control the camera on the actress’s phone.

Clos is a camera utility or application that does exactly that, allow someone control camera function remotely. To further facilitate monitoring and the session, the person holding the phone can communicate with the photographer in the same way as if they were making a video call. And best of all, it can be used on both iOS and Android phones and even remotely controlled from the web version.

The application is free, but it includes a series of subscription options that enable the possibility of accessing advantages such as shooting in RAW format and others, as well as having storage capacity in the private and encrypted cloud of Clos. So it would be you who should decide if the 5GB or up to 100 Gb plan they offer.


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This was how Williams contacted Zendaya’s personal assistant, who had shown him different corners of the location he was in so that he could decide where and how he wanted to take the different photos. Photos that he controlled as if he were there, because the camera app installed on Zendaya’s iPhone had no limitations. And among all of them, the final cover of Vogue.

Technology and advancements for increasingly powerful cameras

The use of mobile phone cameras for professional work it is nothing new. For years we have been seeing how, thanks to the performance improvements of the sensors and lenses that are used, many jobs can be perfectly done using only the camera of a mobile phone.

In this particular case, the iPhone is used, but thanks to the fact that this app offers a version for iOS, Android and even a web app for remote control of it, you could use those of many other phones that have proven to be very good in the photographic section.

And it is that by controlling the light that is available, either the one that enters naturally or generates flashes, LEDs, etc., you can achieve frankly good results and that have little or nothing to envy those of a professional camera . Now, in addition, something that other cameras do not allow so easily: perform a remote session. You will be able to accept that job in the other part of the world for which you did not know how to do it.

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