“Close Friends” and “Facets”: what could these options be used for on Twitter?

Twitter introduced two new concepts, “Close Friends” and “Facets”. Still in the draft stage, these new features would make it possible to send tweets to different groups of people.

Have you ever wanted to tweet, but not tweet for everyone? ” The question was asked July 1 by one of Twitter’s design and new services folks, and the answer is, for the vast majority of comments, yes.

Behind this question, there are mainly two concepts under study, to which Twitter refers so far as “Close Friends” and “Facets”. ” We’re exploring a bunch of new ways to tune who can see your tweets. We present to you two new ideas (which we are not yet implementing) », Explains the tweet.

For the moment, therefore, these two concepts are still in the draft stage: they are only ideas, the implementation of which has not yet been confirmed.

What are these two ideas from Twitter?

Twitter’s two new ideas started from simple observations. For the “Close Friends” project, it is the act of ” switch your account in private or public without stopping, or having to juggle your secondary accounts Which put the tip in the ear of the design team of Twitter. ” It would be much easier to be able to talk to whoever you want, when you want.

With Close Friends, you could tweet for a group of your choice. You might also be able to see your Close Friends’ tweets first. », Details A Designer. There isn’t really a more precise description of this possible feature, and the images don’t tell us much more. However, it seems that some tweets would only be visible to Close Friends, selected in advance, so that some public accounts could be, in effect, partly private.

For “Facettes”, it all started with an observation: “ we are not the same people at work, with friends or with family A Designer continues on Twitter. Hence the desire that some people may have to tweet, but only for a certain circle of people.

Facets would allow you to split your account into several ‘personalities’. Your followers could subscribe to your entire profile, or just some facets. The concept photos also show other details: it would be possible to put some facets in private, while others would be public. It also appears that different profile photos can be added to the account.

The concepts of Twitter’s “Facets” // Source: Twitter

Unfortunately, if you are absolutely convinced by these new ideas, they are not for now. For now, indeed, these are just ideas. Twitter has yet to confirm that they are indeed going to be implemented – that will certainly depend largely on user feedback, which the platform tweeted about it for.

Given their similarities, it is not certain that the two projects will see the light of day: perhaps “Facets” will be implemented, but not “Close friends”, or vice versa. And, if the concepts ever get approved, it’s also unclear how long it would take for these new features to become available.

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