Close VLC as you like, there are many ways to achieve it

We must bear in mind is that nothing more turn on the pc, a multitude of processes and applications are automatically put into operation. To all this, we must add the programs that we execute in the first instance. On many occasions, one of the first software solutions that we start up is a player like VLC, so the whole set consumes a good amount of computer resources.

To a large degree depending on the hardware of our PC, sometimes we will be forced to close certain applications to work. This is something that is especially evident in equipment that is already considered old or limited in terms of its internal specifications. Otherwise, we could find ourselves in trouble when it comes to working conventionally with the programs that we really need.

There are several solutions that we normally keep running most of the time. Here we speak to a browser like chrome, a text editor such as Word, the aforementioned VLC media player, as well as everything that Windows puts into operation by itself. In fact, in these lines we want to focus on the popular audio and video content player. Specifically, we are going to show you different ways to finish this application in the fastest and easiest way.

So what you will do is free up a good amount of system resources to be able to use them in other programs immediately. That is why we will now talk about some quick and effective methods to close this program so that you can choose the most convenient one. This choice will depend on what we are doing at that moment, as well as how we normally work with the VLC player.

Different ways to close VLC player

Let’s see how we can close one of the most used media players out there, such as VLC Media Player, to free up PC resources.

vlc close

  • From the desktop of the program: one of the most effective methods to close this program that we discussed is from your main desktop. Just click with the right button on it to select the Exit option.
  • Via the VLC menu: As usual, we can also close the application from its main interface menu. In this case we only have to go to the Middle / Exit menu.
  • Scheduling your closing: if we have loaded a play list we can also automate the closing of the application. This will allow us to ignore this step. To do this, we only have to access the Media menu again to in this case opt for the Exit option at the end of the playlist.
  • With a combination of keys: It is also worth knowing what could be considered the most effective method to close any program, including VLC. If we are in a hurry or want to be more effective, all we have to do is go to the application itself and use the keyboard shortcut Alt + F4.
  • From Task Manager: it can also be the case that we find some problem or crash in the application media playback. Here the most effective method to close the program is from the Windows Task Manager. We access it with the combination Ctrl + Alt + ESC and in the window that appears we will have the possibility of ending the process corresponding to VLC.

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