Cloud prices continue to rise, do this so you don’t pay more

We can say that the use of cloud storage is now much more popular than it was a few years ago. We have many options available to have the files available anywhere. However, there is a factor to take into account and it is the price. If you go for the free platforms, storage is very limited. If you need more space, for example having 1 TB to create backups, you will have to pay. But why would increase the price of cloud services?

Cloud storage is going to be more expensive

Surely many things around you have risen in price in recent months. This also applies to day-to-day online technology and services. And yes, also cloud hosting it will go up in price. You just have to see what has already happened with platforms like OVHcloud, which have announced a price adjustment.

Therefore, just like this popular web and cloud hosting service, it will happen on many other platforms. The energy costs they are superior, so it costs more to keep the servers that use the cloud connected. Therefore, if you have a contracted service to save files in the cloud, be prepared for a possible price increase in a short time, if you have not already noticed an increase.

Keep in mind that there are many cloud storage services. You will always find specific offers and plans that can be economical for what you need. But if what you want is to have a large capacity to host backup copies, such as having 2 TB, you will have to pay a monthly fee that will most likely increase.

A NAS server, an alternative to the cloud

Can we use any alternative to having to hire a cloud service? The answer is yes and it is called NAS server. They are devices that allow you to store all kinds of files, in the same way that you would on a hard drive. The difference is that they are connected to the network, so you can access them from anywhere.

It is a good option since you can buy a multiTB device storage, make an initial investment and always have it available without having to pay additional fees. They are very useful for creating backup copies, saving files that you need to see on different devices and no matter where you are.

Therefore, if you are thinking of contracting a cloud storage service and the price does not convince you or you have seen that the price you have already contracted will go up, a good option is to use a NAS server. You will find many alternatives available. You should look at factors such as storage capacity or the ratings given on the Internet.

Ultimately, you are likely to see a general rise in the price of cloud storage services. The higher cost of energy and the increases that we have already seen in various services invite us to think that it is something that we are going to see frequently in the coming months.

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