cloud storage is enriched with an essential tool if you use Windows

Proton, the Swiss company behind services focused on data privacy, has just released a Windows version of its cloud storage system: Proton Drive for Windows. The key is end-to-end encryption and continuous synchronization between devices, but not only.

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Proton, does this name ring a bell? We’re not talking about the subatomic particle here, but about the Swiss-based company that develops open source services with an emphasis on data privacy. The best known is probably Proton Mail, but there is also an agenda (Proton Calendar), a VPN (Proton VPN) or a cloud data storage system: Proton Drive. You guessed it, we are talking about software similar to OneDrive or Google Drive.

Until now, to use Proton Drive, you had to go through the website, or more recently through an encrypted storage application on Android and iOS. Today, if you have a Windows computer, you can download Proton Drive for Windows by clicking the button at the end of this article. This new software complements the service offering by emphasizing simplicity and security.

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Proton Drive for Windows encrypts your data for enhanced security

The main interest of the Proton Drive software for Windows is to facilitate the storage and continuous synchronization of files between your Windows devices, but also to and from the web interface of the service. You have offline access to everything you back up, as well as a version history of every modified document. Do not panic in case of accidental deletion of an important photo, you can recover it. Of course, everything is fully encrypted so that no outside person, not even Proton teams, can access your files.

Proton Drive Windows
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Building software for Windows makes sense for Proton, which says 65% of its customers access its cloud storage service through a Windows device. During the beta test phase, the company notes that “users of the Proton Drive application for Windows imported more than five times more data than those using only the web and mobile applications”. The software does not require you to subscribe to one of Proton’s paid plans: it can be downloaded even if you have chosen the free subscription. Andy Wen, founder and CEO of Proton, has already announced that a macOS version is in testing.

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