Cloud usage continues to skyrocket but has limitations

Cost, the main barrier to cloud adoption

Although cloud adoption continues to grow steadily, experts agree that there is a significant barrier preventing it from doing so at a faster rate: the cost. At least that is how a report by O’Reilly shows, where it shows that 30% of those surveyed in most sectors say that it is the costs of cloud management that concern them the most.

More and more companies have migrated to the cloud or are planning to do so. In fact, 47% of respondents indicate that their organization follows a strategy of giving priority to cloud. However, in the last year that growth has not been as great as we might expect due to the pandemic.

And yes, the main cause, the barrier that mostly prevents an even greater increase, is the cost related to the use of these services. Also, as this survey indicates, they affect the regulatory requirements. They are the main reasons that slow down this growth.

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This cost must be taken as an investment

Mike Loukides, O’Reilly’s vice president of content, says there is a cost to using the cloud at the enterprise level. It would be a mistake to think that the use of equipment in the cloud is inexpensive and will not involve an initial outlay at the corporate level.

However, it also indicates that more than a cost, a lost money, it must be taken as a investment. It is if we weigh the power to migrate workloads to the cloud and, also, thinking about possible cuts and interruptions that there may be, something that is mitigated thanks to having the content hosted in the cloud.

Therefore, although it is seen as an initial cost, the truth is that adopt the cloud It can be very interesting for companies, regardless of their capacity. It can be an investment that with the passage of time they will be able to recover more than enough.

Also, this same report has shown which services have the highest adoption. Here we can include Amazon Web Services, which represents 62%, Microsoft Azure, with 48%, and Google Cloud, with 33%. These are the cloud solutions most popular, but it does not mean that users focus only on one of them, but it is common for them to use several.

In short, although the use of the cloud continues to grow, there are limitations that prevent it from increasing even more. The main one is the economic cost involved, although experts consider it more of an investment.

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