Cloudera presents Data Platform One, the SaaS version of its data platform

Cloudera has announced the availability a software platform as a serviceor, fully managed, which constitutes the vSaaS version of your data platform. Cloudera Data Platform Oneas it’s called, will initially be available only on AWS, offering data exploration and analytics on a single platform.

The company claims its new product offers a suite of low-code data exploration and engineering tools to improve efficiency for savvy business users. The service has enterprise-level security built in, as well as machine learning that doesn’t require anyone to take care of your security or monitor your operations. Therefore, it provides more facilities for companies that want to move to the cloud to perform analytics and data tasks.

Cloudera Data Platform One offers Zero Ops capabilities, enabling self-service analytics on any type of data. In addition, it lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) between 20% and 35% when it includes initial configuration and platform operations, SecOps and support, instead of DIY solutions in the cloud.

The platform has been developed as part of Cloudera’s agreement with Talend to help businesses transform and become data-driven. Cloudera Data Platform One is already available for customers of the company who sign up for it, and will be generally available before the end of this year 2022.

Ram Venkatesh, Cloudera CTOhas highlighted that «Empowering everyone in your industry to get the real-time information they need to make the right decisions requires the development of a truly modern cloud data architecture. Many companies do not have the resources, time or experience to achieve this transformation. Cloudera’s latest cloud innovation, CDP One, joins our CDP family of cloud data services to completely alter the equation, eliminating months or even years of deployment plans, and offering comprehensive data security.«.

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