Cloudflare: a gigantic outage affects the network, thousands of sites are inaccessible

Cloudfare is currently the victim of a huge outage on its network. On Twitter, thousands of users have indicated that they can no longer access certain sites. We were able to confirm these issues to the editorial staff. Finally, after about 20 minutes, the problem seems to be solved. Here is an update on the situation.

Sometimes a site or application crashes and is inaccessible for a few hours at most. But when the outage affects Cloudflare, one of the largest Internet players that manages the distribution of content for several million sites, the problem takes on a whole new dimension. Since about 8:30 a.m. this morning, 500 errors have been piling up on the web. On Twitter, the problem is confirmed.

“Who broke Cloudflare? “Looks like a global internet blackout, most Cloudflare websites are down,” here is what we can read for a few minutes on the social network at the little blue bird. Among the sites affected, we find in particular Discord or Omegle. Phonandroid is also impacted, with some of our editors unable to connect for several tens of minutes.

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Global Internet Hit by Massive Outage Cloudflare

On the other hand, not all Internet users seem affected in the same way. Indeed, if some can no longer access certain sites, this is not necessarily the case for all the others who will be able to get there without any problem. On its site, Cloudflare quickly reacted by confirming the state of the situation: “Cloudflare is investigating widespread issues with our services and/or our network. Users may experience errors or timeouts in reaching Cloudflare’s network or services”writes the firm.

Finally, around 9:05 a.m., the problem was solved, only a few minutes after the problem started. Cloudflare says it found the root of the problem and fixed it internally. You should therefore be able to visit any site without encountering this famous 500 error. In 2019, the platform had already suffered a similar problem which had paralyzed the global web.

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